Fan Week – Some Saab appreciation in a new found land

I know we have some Saab fans in Canada as I’ve met a few of them in my travels. There’s a small but hardcore group out in the Pacific Northwest and I can well remember the large group from Toronto that got together for a support convoy there last year, even getting some significant news coverage at the time.

I don’t know much about the Saab presence in some of the less prominent provinces, however.

I got this email from Newfoundland over the weekend, and it showed me that there’s definitely some dedicated Saab support there. It’s always great to hear from people for the first time, and especially when they’re from places where you didn’t know there were pockets of support for Saab. The support that we get from you folks, even in these hardest of times, is outstanding, and much appreciated.

The writer is Robert B:


Hi Steven,

I thought it was about time I took pen in hand and express what Saab has meant to me.

I too am from a land down under, the island of Newfoundland, off the east coast of Canada. I have driven my Saab since it rolled out of the box in 2003. It’s been through searing heat, arctic blasts and everything mother nature can dish out. And it still looks like new out there in the full moon tonight, and it still puts a smile on my face 8 years into my Saab life.

Over the past few years, I’ve watched the drama, the endings and near endings, and the new beginnings. At the end of the day, I want everyone there to know that there are many people cheering on the efforts to get that production line rolling again, getting the dedicated, ultra-loyal workers back doing what they do best, and in getting that new 9-3 out and other new models back onto the streets of Trollhattan and Newfoundland.

So thanks to the people who built my Saab and my sincere thanks to the people who are trying to breathe new life into the sails. From where I sit tonight, there seems to be a ray of light on my bonnet.

I am waiting for the griffin to take flight again, and I want to simply say thanks to the wonderful craftsmen and women who shared their talents and passion, so I could smile through every mile I’ve driven in my Saab. So thank you to Steven, to SU, and to VM and all the others, who have done so much to keep the dream alive. Believe me, it’s worth every minute of work. There are many people standing behind you.

All the best to all.

Robert B

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  1. Great stuff!  A great article in this month’s Car & Driver about a trip from New York to ‘France’ (Saint-Pierre) in a dodgy Citroen.  Much of the shenanigans take place in Newfoundland.  Glad to hear there are Saabs there!!

  2. Nice. This would be perfect for the crowd-sourced blog we are starting at Your memories can be submitted via lstsaab@gmailcom.