Fan Week – get your Saab images ready!

G’day everyone,

I’m sure there’ll be some significant news this week and we’ll cover it as it happens. But I also wanted to share a little of what you’re doing in the Saab world – ie. our customers, our fans.

There have been quite a few events on recently, and I’ve received a couple of personal emails from people that I’d like to share, too.

We’re closing in on an important milestone on our Saab Facebook page – 100,000 fans – and we’d like to do something special to celebrate that as well. If you’ve not joined the party on Facebook, log in and ‘Like’ us.

We’d like you to be part of these celebrations, too. We’d like you to get your camera out, or trawl through your hard drive and send us images of your Saab. We’ll be putting together a downloadable mosaic image featuring as many of your photos as we can.

Get your photos ready. We’ll put out a call for them during the next week and we need HEAPS of them.

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