News from Asia – Saab 9-5 named COTY in Singapore, 9-3 Griffins arrive and leave in Taiwan

We’ve had some good news from Asia in the last few days. Very encouraging indeed.

On top of the Saab 9-4x being shortlisted for Truck of the Year in the United States, the Saab 9-5 has just been awarded a Car of the Year award in Singapore. The press release:

Saab 9-5 named Car of the Year in Singapore

Trollhättan, Sweden: The Saab 9-5 Sedan 2.8V6 Turbo has been named Car of the Year in Singapore by a prestigious Consumer Guide, published by Wheels Asia. The annual ”Car Buyer’s Guide 2011/2012” ranks all models on sale in Singapore, and the Saab 9-5 was favorably compared with the Audi A6 and BMW 535i in the Executive Sedan class.

– We are very happy, says Jonas Hernqvist, Regional Manager for the Asian markets. The markets in Asia are demanding and Singapore especially so, since it so restrictive when it comes to car imports. Therefore it is particularly gratifying and encouraging that the Saab 9-5 is honored in this way.

This is great news. We have very dedicated dealers and customers in Asia and it’s wonderful to see our vehicle, and the work of our dealer teams there, being rewarded in this way.


And in Taiwan…..

When Saab had its brief production re-start earlier this year, 45 of the cars built were for the Taiwanese market. These 9-3 Griffins landed in Taiwan just two weeks ago.

Dealers held launch events a few weekends ago and took eleven orders for the Griffin, as well as selling a number of vehicles from stock. It’s another great result for one of our dedicated smaller markets. Taiwanese dealers actually sold 150% of their sales target for September in total.

Congratulations to them. It’ll be great to be able to tell stories like this from the global market in the future.

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  1. Truly amazing that a small niche brand outperforms the prestigious German conglomerates. The 9-5 is brilliant, love every mile I drive it. It’s got way more character than the boring 5 and A6.

  2. Just goes to show what happens when the car is judged by unbiased judges who don’t feel a need to support their preconceived notions. Congratulations Saab!

  3. keep the good news coming, Steven! although this is good news, it’s not the best news yet 😉

  4. HoHOHo, Swade where are you????

    Time to come forward and come with some serious comments to what the papers write here in Sweden.
    Guy Lofalk acts like an idiot and tries to go behind the scenes to delibaretely destroy months of hard work by You lot.

    Fill us in please!!!

    SAAB UP !!

  5. Carry on Swade and all others at Saab.
    We like your efforts and the Cars.

    The 9-5 is Great and the award is correct.
    Next up is the 9-4x, which is absolutly GORGEOUS.

    Give up klafoL yuG, but not the rest.

    SAAB UP! All the way.

  6. 30 Cars sold in Taiwan in September 22 of those were 9-3’s.

    Taiwan has managed to move to the 10th position as a Saab market in this unreal year for Saab.