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Hi all,

We’ve received a few comments, and a few submissions via the contact page, asking for some clarification as to what’s being reported in various press outlets right now.

If you’re a regular Inside Saab reader, you’ll know that I’m currently on vacation and away from Sweden. That limits the amount of current information I have access to and thus, what I could possibly say on Inside Saab about these reports.

Regardless of being away, however, I don’t think there is much that I would be able to say right now, anyway. The situation is quite delicate at this point in time and our ability to comment on any ongoing matters is very restricted. We remain as a listed company and cannot comment on speculative matters being reported in the press.

I know that a lot of Saab fans and other stakeholders are concerned for the future right now and I can assure you that our executive continues to work tirelessly towards securing this future. We will comment further when there’s more that we can say.

In the meantime, thanks as always for your support. It is felt, and it is appreciated.


As always, when following news stories about Saab, I’d recommend you read my quick guide to internet journalism and wash the news through the filter of your own research.

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  1. Thanks Swade!
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday! 🙂
    We will all hope the best for this amazing and outstanding, small car-brand!
    Regards: Troels

  2. This coming week will be strategic . Will Youngman transfer the 70 Millions Euros ? Will the NDRC give its green light ? What will the swedish government do with the EIB loan ? Let’s wait , see and eventually pray .

  3. Just look forward to the period everything gets back to normal.
    Have confidence that this period will soon be there.
    Thanks for your comment, Swade, better than everything else which is said out there…

  4. I must say that I find the constant worry and conjecture as counterproductive and tedious.  When do we get to drive the cars?  Remember those?  Cars?  

    Seems like all we talk about are government loans and union lawsuits.  Ughh.

  5. The latest news are these: If Saab and Youngman won’t reach an agreement fast, the reorganisation can be cancelled even TODAY 🙁 I don’t know how to think anymore. Still having my fingers crossed though…

    1. That should read: latest RUMOURS. 😉 It’s not news untill it ‘s announced by the persons involved, untill that moment everything is speculation i.e. rumours. 

      1. An article by Reuters says unless the Youngman short term bridge loan comes through shortly, the administrator could cancel the protective conditions.

        Another article from justauto.com reports that sources are saying the approving body in the Chinese government is likely to reject the Chinese investment.

      2. I was referring to the possibility of Lofalk pulling the plug. Looks like that threat has passed.

        2011/10/11 Disqus

  6. “98,402 people like Saab Cars” – well, that’s something.

    Sometimes you have just got to “Look on the bright side of Life.”

    Just a thought. (smile)