We need your Saab images for a Facebook milestone celebration!

UPDATE: We are now over 99,400 fans and growing. The ETA for 100,000 is somewhere early next week.

We’ve already received in excess of 1,000 images for use in the mosaic but we want more!!!

I’m preparing two mosaic base images, one modern and one historic. They’re looking great in the trial runs so far, so get your images in via the channels below and make them even better!


As I alluded to earlier in the week, we have a milestone of sorts coming up on our Facebook fan page.

To celebrate this milestone, we thought we’d put together all of your cars into a big mosaic image that we could share with you as a gesture of thanks for your continued support of Saab.

Never seen a mosaic image before? Check these out. A mosaic is where you take many smaller pictures and use them to make a larger, single image. The image to the right is a mosaic I made up a few days ago, featuring the Catherina concept made by Sixten Sason at the Saab Museum. We’d like to do something similar to commemorate our 100,000th Facebook fan but we need your images to do it right.

So, how can you submit your images for this fun-tastic project? We have several options.

Facebook: First you’ll need to “Like” our Facebook fan page. Then you can submit an image to the page and include the tag “Saab100K” in the description. You must include the “Saab100K” wording with the photo and in doing so, you’re permitting us to use the image for the purpose of this mosaic, which will be made available for download and/or use via various Saab media channels.

Flickr: If you’ve got an account on Flickr, you can simply tag any photos you want to submit with the “Saab100K” tag and I’ll do a search on that tag in the next week. Please make sure your tagged photos are set up to be downloadable, that they are your own original images and that you’ve set your creative commons permissions appropriately.

Twitter: Attach an image with the hashtag Saab100K visibile in the tweet. You can ping me @inside_saab as well, if you’ve got space.

Email: You can email images directly to insidesaabofficial@gmail.com with the tag “Saab100K” in the email (either the title or the body text). Again, they should be your own original images, and by sending them to us, you are permitting their use as part of this mosaic.


The image can be anything you like, so long as there’s a visual Saaby connection. It can be your car, or an event you attended, or a photo of you posing with your car. As long as it’s Saaby, we can use it.

The final mosaic will be made available to the public for personal, non-commercial use. Saab may also use the mosaic image for marketing purposes.


We will be using automated software to create the mosaic so whilst all photos submitted will be in the pool, there is an outside chance that not all photos will be used by the software. We’ll try to set it up so that all of them are, however.

So, remember the tag Saab100K and get your photos ready to go! We will soon be 100,000 strong and we look forward to celebrating this with you.

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  1. Swade, I noticed some people are putting the tag on their Facebook posts with a blank between “Saab” and “100K”.  Will that matter?

  2. Done (on Flickr), but please be more specific about “set your creative commons permissions appropriately”.

  3. took me a few minutes to figure out how to tag on Flickr, but I think I’ve got it. I was looking around at what others have submitted (facebook also) and I am very excited to see the final product!