HUGE Saab promotion in Ohio – Snap up a Saab!

Saab of North Olmsted are undertaking a massive Saab promotion next month and if you’re in their region, north-eastern Ohio, then YOU could play a big part in it.

For four consecutive weeks, Saab of North Olmsted will give out 100 cars for week-long test drives as part of a competition/promotion they’re running. Do the math – they’re looking for 400 participants, 100 per week. If you’ve ever thought of actively promoting Saab, this is your opportunity – and you could win the Saab of your choice, too!

How it works:

You register your interest here.

If successful, you’ll get a Saab to drive for a week, with a capped distance of 350 miles that can be travelled in that week. The car will come with two QR codes, one inside and one outside. A QR code is a 2D scannable code (most smartphones have a QR code scanner built in) that will link people to a website.

As a weekly-round contestant, you will get your own microsite where your adventures will be recorded. You’ll have a week to check-in at sponsor outlets, get people to scan the codes on your car, get them to take pictures or make videos to submit to your microsite, and generally just build up your fan-base. The more check-ins, scans, media and fans you get, the more points you get.

Points are tallied each week and the initial 400 contestants will be whittled down to 24 for the semis – the top six point totals each week will progress. Semi-finalists will have two days to whip-up as much interest as possible and increase their point totals. The top five point winners in the semi-finals make it to the final stage of the competition.

The final stage of the competition will see our five finalists assemble at Saab of North Olmsted, where they’ll select a keyfob and press the “unlock” button. One of those keyfobs will send lights flashing and that lucky winner will win the Saab of their choice valued at up to $50,000


Everyone wins

Discounts on Saab vehicles will be offered to all participants in the competition, regardless of how you participate.

Finalists will be offered the most substantial discounts for their efforts in the competition.

Weekly-round competitors will be offered the next most substantial discount.

But that’s not all……. Just by spotting one of the Saabs on the road and scanning the QR code, you will also be offered an attractive discount – just for being a part of the promotion.


Get into it!

This is the perfect storm for a competition – limited geographic area, limited participants, heaps of fun and a high value prize. You’ve got everything to gain from being in it.

If you’re in the north-east Ohio area, then click here to register your interest and get ready for the test drive of a lifetime!


The not-so-fine-print: (the full terms and conditions will be supplied directly by Collection Auto Group, owners of Saab of North Olmsted).

Contestants must be:

At least twenty-five years of age
Have a valid driver’s license
Have full coverage insurance
Have a major Credit Card
Have a clean driving record (no more than 4 points, no DUI)

Contestants may not be employees of Collection Auto Group

Contestants will be limited to 350 miles of driving. Should anyone exceed 350 miles they will pay $1.00 / mile over 350. Contestants must obey all laws. Contestants may not invite anyone under the age of 18 to scan an interior QR Code. Contestants must adhere to all of these rules and the Terms and Conditions of the contest.

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  1. Love this. There is no way to kill that who don’t know what death is. Pretty bad grammar i imagine. Saab is to young to even be considered dead. There is to much value both historical and present in Saab for it not to stay alive. A Saab is neither a Rover 75 and or a Hummer. That’s why.

  2. This is verging on genius and might be worth adopting for a relaunch globally. Excellent initiative and imagination.

  3. Very contemporary, this. And probably the most complex dealer promo action I have ever run across, but not without a touch of marketing genius. Too bad, though, that dinosaurs without a smartphone -like me, although that is academic since I live in Europe…- cannot participate Or is there a way around this problem? There should be. After all, quite a few people who are willing and able to buy a new Saab are ‘dinosaurs’, in terms of age and in terms of using modern tech.


    1. I’m 58 and I like new tech. , it’s a ballance for myself , dont much care for facebook (TMI) issue for me , but use of high tech. in automobiles , and solutions to issues faced by people i.e. use of other solutions for managing recorces , information is a wonderful thing ………….. now if I could afford a 3-D printer .  =)

    2. Well, they also mention “get them to take pictures or make videos to submit to your microsite”. And it seems it is not the participant that needs the gadgets. It is the people they encounter.

      And with all due respect to the elders of our community, Saab do need young blood on the customer side! 🙂 I think Saab should be able to appeal to young folks in the US. Here in Europe young people are often forced to buy small, inconvenient and ugly cars, so they are a lost cause at the moment.

      I am looking forward to hearing how this promotion works out. Kudos to everyone involved!

  4. just curious. but how did they manage to obtain 100 cars for this promotion? are they all unsold cars from their own stock or did SCNA have a hundred unsold cars sitting around on the docks somewhere? And what does this do to the value of a new car after being driven for 3 weeks and about 1,000 miles?

    1. A few are from SCNA Hugh. It certainly doesn’t help the value but the reasoning is that they’re going to be discounting them considerably and selling them for thousands off retail anyway, as the 2011 model year is over and they’re still sitting on lots. Pretty genius to me.

  5. North  Olmsted is a great dealer , they are my main parts supply for all SAAB parts and yes I’ll be involved in the ” Drive ”  .  You can see yourself in the floor in the service area , yes it’s that clean , They have cars on the lot I’d say mabey 100 new ones and the staff is very kind , It’s a team of people who care about SAAB cars , and  an ” Ice Block ” building . Good luck with the promo  Bernie =) , Thanks , Dave

  6. Very smart! This is one of the many ways that I’ve seen Saab marketed on local levels, so what else can be done?
    Launching a massive image advertising campaign would be great and I’m all for it once we get to the point where we can afford it. In the meantime, as mentioned above, I have to ask myself….”what can I do to help myself, my dealership and Saab?” In case you’re wondering, I’m just one humble Saab sales consultant (and one big fan) who spent most of my career in Social Work who’s also pretty clueless about how to use social media professionally.
    As evidenced by “Inside Saab” and other  forums, we have a really smart following. There’s certainly a wealth of information and interesting discussion around things we really don’t have control over which leads to the question…what can we control? What can we do individually and collectively to help Saab on a local/grassroots level (that doesn’t cost a lot)? How about putting all of our brainpower to work to come up with concrete activities…any good ways to use you tube? Facebook? Twitter? (am I forgetting anything?) Again, forgive my ignorance, just hoping for some ideas and inspiration! In the meantime, much like my fellow dealers, we’ll continue to target our local customer base relying on our ever so passionate following to keep us afloat.

    1. Tom,

      Drop me a line via the contact page on this site and perhaps we can have a chat about the social resources you might be able to leverage for your dealership.

  7. Promotion, Promotion, Promotion. I just returned from my Dealer, Concours Motors and they are donating a 9-5 Aero for the Milwaukee Veterans Day Parade on 11-11-11. I will driving Veterans of the 8th Air Force who were stationed in England during WWII. Another Air Force group will be borrowing my 9-5 Combi.

    Now is a good time to mobilize SAABs for these parades in the USA, Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth because we all share these same days at this time of the year.

    1. Well, first and most importantly, the dealer who’s put this whole thing together is in Ohio.  It’s a dealership initiative and a wonderful one.  Second, Ohio’s very close to being Top 5 in terms of state readerships here at Inside Saab, so there are indeed quite a few Saab people there (and a good number of very engaged Saab dealers, too).

      I’ll be over the moon if and when I can report on a Saab dealer in Cali doing something of this nature down the track.