All aboard! Saabs on Norfolk Island

What to do when it’s time to get your Saab serviced and you live on a small island?

Norfolk Island is a self-governing territory, but part of Australia. It’s located approximately 1,500km off the east coast of Australia, in the Pacific Ocean. Did I say small? The island is only 32 sq km in size and has just 80km of roads (the cows get right of way).

Apparently this is one of two Saabs on the island, the other being a Saab 9000. I’m not sure if this one’s coming, going, or the reason why, but the message relayed to me included the possibility that it was time for a service.

I know of one guy who used to do a round trip of several thousand kilometers in Africa to get his 9-5 Aero serviced. It would be a big call to figure out who’s undertaking a more arduous trip.

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  1. Amazing place and amazing photos! It is like a methaphora, Ship has been sunk, but Saab has survived in resque boat. Saab up!