Saab’s Tour de France winds up with custom Saab surprise!

Saab’s Tour de France ended earlier this week and I’ve just received some very nice images from the final stop in Bayonne.

Let me ask the question before you do – What’s that silver/grey convertible?????

I’ve made enquiries and will let you know what I hear. It looks like on of Leif Mellberg’s custom creations to me. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

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      1. Borjn Enval also worked with Leif Mellberg on that car  , it has a lot of EV-1 in it’s design , and a great speedster look to the back . Just a great design  =) .  Thanks Steven  your a great guy , Happy Thanksgiving form all us  in the U.S. to a wonderful  SAAB family I’m very much thankful for.  Dave

    1. Yes. I remember that project. I think Teknikens Värld might be glad to know where it is now.
      Leif Mellberg also built the EV-1 concept car, and probably a lot more for Saab. I have relatives who live near where he lived, and it was quite common for large trucks to deliver things in the dark of night.

  1. Swade, do you have any info if we´ll see Saab tour (9-4X & 9-5 SC) in Finland any time soon?

    1. No plans for Finland, as far as I have heard.  The tours are organised by the national organisation rather than centrally.  My gut feeling is that there won’t be any more tours this year, after Spain (it’ll finish too close to Christmas).

  2. There is also a C-900 built in California that was a rear engine , rear wheel drive that Europen Car featured  , in Red by a  SAAB guy that is a great looking car . I found a post of the car by serching  ” Rear engine SAAB ” on a serch engine , IMO it’s worth the time to see it . So meany SAAB’s  so little time …………