Saab Dealer Tour Spain – underway!

For those who didn’t see it via Facebook, the Saab Dealer Tour of Spain is well and truly underway. We’ll have some more images and thoughts from those attending as the tour unfolds.

Click the link above for dates and locations. Click the image below to enlarge.


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  1. Does the “plate” say “Saab BioPower” on the 9-4X? 
    A while back we saw the 9-4X labeled as BioPower in some pricelists. I belive it was in Switzerland.

    How about this? A BioPwer-version will make up for a bit of the non-diesel disadvantage.

      1. Well, then we´ll have to wait and see what the future brings! Took the oppertunity to take a 9-4X Aero for a spin when it was visiting my dads work (Newman Bil AB, Hässleholm). Stunning car!!!!

        I basicly grew up on inside a Saab-dealership. My dad started selling Saabs 1985 when I was two years of age. Since then Saab has been a part of my life and still is as most of my family (for obvious reasons) drive Saabs.