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There’s a story in Dagens Industri where they ask whether or not Saab will file for bankruptcy. Victor Muller’s answer to that question could be summarised with a “No”. That is, whilst there is still negotiations to be made and a climate that allows them, our people will continue to do everything they can to save this company rather than file for bankruptcy.

We’d all prefer some definitive good news right now. As a Saab person, I take the fact that people are still working hard to get an outcome that sees us continue business, as being a good thing. If there were no hope for a resolution, there would be no ongoing negotiations.

“Never, ever give up” is not just a catchphrase.


If you read Wulf’s Saab 9-4x owner review – part 1 – the other day, then you’ll likely want to catch up with part 2.

If you didn’t read Part 1, read it now. Then click the part 2 link. It’s your must-read for today’s Saabosphere.

Wulf casts his critical eye over his Saab 9-4x 3.0 Premium’s interior to see how it passes muster.


You might remember that two blogs, SaabActu and Saablog-In, were running a photo competition for the Saab Dealer Tour of France.

It looks like the entries are in and there are some fantastic photos amongst them. Head over to either of the blogs to check them out.


I link from time to time to the Charles River Saab weblog, written and maintained by a good friend of mine, Pierre Belperron.

Pierre has written a wonderful piece today that focuses on one of his favourite retailers, a small audio/electronics store that unfortunately went into liquidation a few years ago.

His story poses more than a few questions for companies like Saab, especially with recent commentary stating that kids prefer smartphones to cars.

As always, it’s interesting reading.

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  1. Hi Steven ,  we have felt like a kind of signal alert for an iminent earthquake coming from Trollhättan today .It’s shaking and something big might happen soon isn’t it ?.

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    Earle Onque