Saabosphere – links we liked this week

It’s been another week of waiting in Saab land.

I know you’re all getting antsy. I can’t sit still and I’m worn through to the scalp from scratching my head so much.

Here are some links from this week…..


It’s good to see some video posted for the Snap up a Saab competition. The competition is about to enter its fourth and final week for regular entrants.

I hope some readers of this website have jumped on board because it really is a great opportunity to share some of the Saab Spirit around, and if you work hard enough for a week or so, you’ve got a very good chance at winning yourself the new Saab of your choice.

Here’s the video. It’s “Vote for me” rather than the vehicle itself, but good to see some expanding their reach, which is what the competition is all about.


Back when Saab were being sold by General Motors, we sold off some old technology to Beijing Automotive, or BAIC.

BAIC are reportedly ready to unveil their new Saab-based sedan to the Chinese market at the upcoming Guangzhou Motor Show.

China Car Times has the article and some photoshop guesswork as to what the car will look like. This model is based on the previous generation Saab 9-5 and I’m sure Saab fans will find it interesting to follow the direction this particular branch of the family tree ends up taking.

There are also some mule spyshots here. The interior is certainly quite different to the original.


It’s not the greatest article, but the headline raises an interesting thought – Could the Saab 9-4x become the rarest new vehicle in the world?

I think it will be one of the biggest injustices ever if that comes to pass and I hold out hope that this will be proven to be just another piece of smart speculation.

The Saab 9-4x is an absolute cracker of a vehicle and with a chance to properly market it, it would be a big hit for Saab. A friend of mine in Germany got to drive the Saab 9-4x Aero recently, as part of the German Saab dealer tour. You can read his thoughts here.


Whilst we’re talking Saab dealer tours, I’m reliably told the next market to host the tour will be Spain. I’m still waiting on getting dates and locations and will bring those to the site as soon as I get them.


Finally, a couple of absolutely fantastic Saab 99 advertisements from the 1970s.

They’re featured along with a number of other automotive advertisements from the period and they look fantastic.

My thanks to Fredrik T via Twitter.

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  1. That C70 from China looks like it used the 9-3 and not 9-5. Will be interested in seeing the final result!

  2. Wow, those ads from the 70s brought back some memories…as I got my license in 1977, that decade was the one where I first really started paying attention to cars.