Snap Up a Saab promotion finishing week 1

Want to get yourself a new Saab for just a single week’s hard work?

Saab of North Olmsted kicked off their Snap Up a Saab competition last weekend and it looks like they had a great take-off.

If you haven’t heard about this competition yet, it’s a huge promotion involving up to 100 cars and contestants per week with a big social media element involved. Here’s my previous entry detailing the competition.

Vehicles used in the competition have a scannable QR code on the inside and outside. Contestants take the car for a week and have to get as many supporters scanning the QR codes as possible. Contestants can also take photos of the vehicles and submit them to their own competition website. Contestants get points for all of these activities, and for ‘checking in’ at sponsor locations.

The website you need to bookmark in order to see what contestants are doing is here: Snap Up a Saab. Each contestant has their own individual page and you can check out their points score, as well as photos submitted by their followers. Some of the photos have been great, too.


There are quite a few contestants with point totals in the hundreds.

That’s not going to do it for you, folks. The top 6 contestants with around 20 hours to go in week 1 are as follows:

Kristina – 3363 points
Timothy – 2233 points
Lauren – 2225 points
Nada – 2153 points
Linda – 2101 points
Paula – 1959 points

Those top 6 contestants, should they remain ranked in the top 6 for the week, will progress through to the next round of the competition, which will take place after the four preliminary rounds.

Contestants earn points as follows:

  • Fans – Contestants earn points for having others “Become a Fan” on their Contestant Sites, or using Facebook and/or Twitter. – 10 points per fan
  • Scans – Contestants earn points when people scan the Test Vehicle QR Codes. – 2pts for exterior scans, 5pts for interior scans
  • Media – Contestants earn points for posting pictures and videos. – 1pt for each picture and 5pts for each video. Must be unique.
  • Check-ins – Contestants earn points when their Test Vehicle is first scanned at a Sponsor location – 25 pts for the first scan at each sponsor location.

So, if you’ve got friends who are active on social media, if you can use a camera and can stop in at sponsor locations, you’re a good chance to do well.

And the big prize – a new Saab valued at up to $50,000


Week 2 will start tomorrow.

You can still register to be part of week three or four if you’re in the area.

Click here to register. There are 100 opportunities per week and you’ll have a blast. And if you work hard enough, you could earn yourself a new Saab!!

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    1. Yes but it’s not enough. The problem with SAABs is that after driving one, a person becomes addicted and want to drive them all 🙂