Inside Saab Redux

Hi all,

As the original Inside Saab will most likely go off-air soon, I’ve created this site as an historical archive of what happened with Inside Saab during it’s short, but momentous life.

Please note that this site is not open for comments. It’s just an historical record. There will be no further updates.

Links to Inside Saab article contained in stories on this site refer back to the original URL ( Once is off the air, those links will be broken. If you want to read those stories, however, you should be able to simply replace the ‘’ bit with ‘’ and it should work.

My thanks to all who supported Inside Saab over the short time it existed. My thanks also to Saab for having the courage to publish an insider blog. I only wish we had the chance to really do it properly.

Steven Wade
(former) Social Media Project Leader, Saab Automobile
Inside Saab.

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