Saab gathering – Paris, France


There’s a great collection of images from this event at Saab Actu

As mentioned in today’s Saabosphere entry, Saab fans gathered in Paris to put on a show of support for the brand.

Around 100 fans in 60 vehicles braved the chilly 4 degree temperatures in order to share some Glögg* and some good natured Saab fellowship at Place des Invalides. Of course, most attendees were from France, but there were also some cars registered from the Netherlands and even from Poland at the event.


As a Saab person, it’s heartening to see this kind of support shown for the company at such a critical time in its history.

My thanks to all who attended.

I’m sure more photos will appear at French/Belgian sites: Saab Actu, Saablog-in and

* Glögg – mulled wine, common in Sweden during the festive season.

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  1. just got home from having been there! the Saabs were parked along the kerb for over a few hundred metres, crossing the roundabout. something that you’d normally never ever achieve in the centre of Paris. yep, pictures taken…will drop a link if appreciated.

    i think my 9000 got quite a good fuel average on the roud trip of 1050km (NL-Paris-NL): 7.5L/100km.

  2. wow…great pictures,great background and I have to say it Saabs are the most beautiful cars on the road today.Just look at the old ones (900,9000) ,the new OG9-5,the NG 9-5 ———MAGNIFIQUE ,the new 9-5 has to be the most beautiful car there is ,it is a great design ohh and the 93x would fit me great on those horrible NEW York roads…….
    great pictures France –keep it up…….