Victor Muller on Swedish TV – Skavlan

Friday’s episode of Skavlan is now available online at SVTPlay.

Click here to watch the episode. The section of the show with Victor Muller starts at 38:40 and is in English.

It’s a very candid interview and well worth watching. Victor is asked about the current situation, what the difficulties are with selling Saab and the possibility of salary payments for Christmas. He also covers some of his business background and his relationship with Russian banker, Vladimir Antonov.

And if you enjoy excellent vocal performances, make sure you watch the last 4 minutes after the VM interview ūüôā

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  1. In addition to the good interview, I think this is the first time I have seen Victor wearing something other than a suit or sport coat.  Very Nordic looking, subtle and classy.

  2. Wow¬† , Now I remember why I belive it can be done . It takes an obsesive person to have the faith that¬† SAAB can go on in the face of some of the road blocks . Thank you¬† Steven , Victor and all the¬† people I’ve met over the years , so come monday I’ll go do what I do and fix SAAB cars¬†.¬† Dave , Columbus Ohio¬† aka ev2

  3. Opps ! got lost on who I was , ev2 or¬† David¬† see¬† David Warren for my post ……… it’s still early in the¬† U.S.
    Be Well to all in the SAAB world  =)

  4. To go blindly forward thinking that GM were not going to object to the use of technology they own in the Chinese marketplace, which is of prime importance to them, is something that VM was incredulously naive about. Let’s trust that, as in the latest news reported by Dagens Industri and shown on Saabsunited website, GM will be persuaded by a reduced but divided Chinese ownership conjoined to a Third Party-whether American or European . Also, as long as the Chinese partners are happy, and don’t either pull-out at the last minute, or create problems in the infancy of the New Saab.

  5. great interview. He looked tired (as he should be) and was nice NOT to see the pin striped suit. Clothing choice aside, i think he’s genuine in his passion for Saab and wish him and all of the Saab community, nothing but the very best.¬†