Waiting (still….)

Thoughts for a new week…….

A lot of people are writing to me, asking if we’re going to hear something soon about the sale (or otherwise) of Saab Automobile.

Let me answer all of you at once: I’m waiting just like the rest of you.

Sorry, but I’ve got no magic answers or insights for you. This is a corporate page and we can’t give a running commentary on these constantly changing events. We can’t say anything about what’s going to happen, until it happens. As I’m sure you’ve come to understand by now, this whole process is extremely delicate and complex. It’s the business equivalent of every amusement park ride you’ve ever had, all rolled into one.

There’s a hell of a lot at stake – a car company with thousands of people connected to it, a wonderful past, a promising future, as well as the economic stability of a region and in many respects, a more-than-reasonable portion of Swedish industry. The knock-on effects of this falling one way or the other will have serious consequences for all concerned.

If you’re keeping yourselves well read from a variety of sources then you might sense that reports about this affair are becoming more and more about people and personalities. For me, it would be really unfortunate if that’s what this came down to.

This is about business and keeping a great company alive.

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but it really does come down to the fact that Saab is a great company, with great products right now, even greater products in the pipeline, a very efficient and flexible factory, a supremely intelligent and committed workforce and a valuable heritage.

The notion that a deal should be struck to save Saab Automobile comes down to one thing and one thing only – That we have something valuable to offer to the right owners and partners.

Which we do.

Thanks once again for your support. I know you’re tired. We’re tired, too, but we keep on working and fighting. I hope the suits can continue to negotiate in good faith and that we can all have a successful outcome to celebrate, sooner rather than later.

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  1. Steven, I do not mean to post an off-topic response to this particular discussion, but I do have a question about future products. Has Saab considered introducing a hybrid model (gas + battery) into its line up? I know that you had written about various diesel options, but here in the US, there are few diesel cars and the models you find are incredible expensive. It seems the new ultra-efficient “hype” in the US is around solar and electric.

    So, does Saab have any such product currently in development?

    1. Josh, when the Pheonix concept was displayed in Geneva earlier this year, there was talk about the replacement for the 9-3 having something very similar to what you describe.  I think it is called eXWD and (in very simple terms) is an electric motor on the rear axle that can supplement the engine to give improved gas mileage.  Perhaps Steven can provide the appropriate links.

  2. The best advice: Keep calm and carry on. I don’t see why it’s so hard to follow. There’re still people making comments that Saab is doomed. I can understand people feel very close to the brand… but wild speculation keeps popping up and people go crazy. I don’t trust any news articles/statements unless they originated from here or SU. This specific article should be plastered all over the Saab community. A definitive answer will come, but until then we’re all going to have to wait patiently.