Why do you want Saab to survive?

I re-tweeted a message from Ben Pulman, the road-test editor of CAR Magazine, earlier today:

The picture he links to is one of UrSaab, from the 1997 50th Anniversary photoshoot.

I’ve written before about how, generally speaking, motoring media professionals want to see Saab survive and succeed. There is some hope pinned to this company; perhaps the notion that some sort of different thinking still exists in a world of car design that’s getting smaller and smaller every year.

Of course, even Saab vehicles have become a bit more homogenised in the last 10 or so years, which made Saab’s sale to Spyker Cars last year an even brighter beacon for the ‘different thinkers’ out there. Victor Muller came out and said that we were going to design and build Saab Saabs again and we all took great heart from that. From what I know of the Saab 9-3 replacement that’s currently under development, he’s been true to his word, too.

Personally speaking, I want Saab to survive because I love the company. I love the history, the philosophy and of course, I drive and love the vehicles. It was an honour for me to join this company earlier this year, the culmination of 6 years work as an independent. I love working for the little car company that could and despite what appear to be dire circumstances right now, I hold on to the hope that our work may continue into the future.

We don’t get as many comments on Inside Saab as other Saab sites. That’s OK. Given that Inside Saab is a corporate site for a listed company, we’ve been limited in what we can say this year, and thus limited in the amount of discussion that we can promote.

However, I’d like to invite you to share your thoughts on why you’d like to see Saab survive and continue into the future.

Our people are extremely loyal. The few that I know who have left Saab in recent months have done so with heavy hearts. I’m sure those who remain would enjoy reading your thoughts on this subject.

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  1. Saabs are quite different from other cars. What I like is that Saabs are always different for good reason! A few minutes behind the wheel will convey the whole story. I remember my first experience driving a Saab, in that case a 99 GLi. It was so different from anything I had ever driven, and so much more enjoyable, that I was hooked for life! I still have great hope that Saab will get through these times and will create a new line of “SAAB Saabs”, as Victor says. Thanks again for your work Swade, there may be fewer discussion threads on this site, but it’s the first place many of us go for everything Saab. Skal!!

  2. I’d like SAAB to thrive (not simply survive) because I like to think differently and classify myself as a maverick and a non-conformist in almost all areas of my life. SAAB cars have always been a little different (I’d rather not invoke the ‘Q-word here ūüôā ).

    The vehicles this company produces have always been practical and efficient whilst always choosing to take the ‘road less travelled’ in design terms.

    Long live SAAB!

  3. I can’t see myself driving any other car than Saab. Saab is part of my personality.¬†And I desperately want a Saab 9-3 hatch¬†with eXWD!

  4. Because it is differant ………..¬†¬† Because¬† a SAAB drives so well ……. Because¬† a SAAB saved my life ………¬† Because I want a choise other than what the¬† ” board ” decided , Because choise is as simple as¬† what a car person wants ……
    ¬† Just because ….¬† is why and thats enough for myself¬†. ¬†Dave

  5. It’s pretty much a combination of all the things you mentioned.¬† But most important of all, it’s the size of the company and the different type of cars they offer. The smaller size of the company also results in a smaller owner and enthusiast community like blogs, forums and other sites.¬† Different and small is good.

  6. Why? There’s absolute no alternative. I’ve been driven around in Saab cars since I’m 11 years old. 4 years ago I got my fathers Saab 9000 CSE ūüôā So, being femal and young, I’m surely not considered as the usual Saab driver. But who is? That’s what makes Saab special. No one is like the other and everyone of us is seeking to be unique, something special. And what’s a better way than driving around in a saab and showing every day that you aren’t and won’t be normal/average? And where on earth will you find such fans? When I see what was done in the last couple of months in Germany to live and support Saab, I’m wondering why a company and community like that shouldn’t survive. When I tell people I drive a Saab and they say ‘ah isn’t it that broken swedish brand ?’, I answer ‘Ther’re not broken. There are some difficulties, but they will be solved and when you’ll see the new Saabs next year you’ll know why!’. Sometimes I say this like a mantra to myself and often enough to my father who’s a bit pessimistic about the situation. BUT we don’t give up hope, so don’t give up SAAB!

  7. Because I love my Saab. It it is hard to explain exactly why¬†because it¬†just is how¬†I feel –¬†a¬†Saab fits me perfectly.¬†My saab is more than a car, it is more than something that gets me from A – B, to me it is like¬†a friend, something very special that I am lucky enough to own.

    I want to drive Saabs for the rest of my life so Saab has to survive.

  8. I remember a video of Erik Carlsson holding his hand over his heart and saying something to the effect that Saab was there. Although I could never feel it as strongly as Erik Carlsson, I have a similar feeling. It’s the only car manufacturer I trust to have a good moral compass, who produces cars to the highest attainable level of safety even when not required to do so by government edict. And yet the cars are superbly fun to drive and superbly different. I can hardly bear the thought of a future without Saab. I’m hoping with all my heart that the little car manufacturer that could will once again beat all odds.

  9. I approach the question on why I want Saab to survive from two fronts‚ÄĒpersonal and professional. On a personal level, I want to own and drive these cars. Saab addresses my wants in a car, not always perfectly, but in total better than any other car brand. I am relegated in my families cars to older variants, but whether it is one son‚Äôs 9000 Aero, the other‚Äôs 2001 9-3 HOT, my wife‚Äôs 9-5 Linear, or my 1992 900T, I find pleasure in the driving experience and the practicality of all these cars as daily drivers. All cars are‚ÄĒbegging the pardon of 1980‚Äôs Saab advertising‚ÄĒcompromises. Simply put, Saab chooses their compromise formulae such that the compromises coincide with what I want‚ÄĒcomfort, fun, efficiency, practical interior space and safety. Yet I know that I could have all of that and still not be as passionate about the product as I am. Some of the allure comes from my perception of Swedish aesthetic and character in these cars. Still, these days I could probably find all of the above in a Volvo, yet I never see myself owning one. There is, too, a sense that I appreciate not only a product but a company that does things, as I do, a bit differently. I am not a mainstream, and my tastes are only consistent in their inconsistency. I don‚Äôt mind that driving a Saab might indicate that I am ‚Äúdifferent;‚ÄĚ I appreciate, though, that it doesn‚Äôt shout that out to every passerby.

    On a professional level, having worked with Saab for 28 years, I might say that I hope Saab survives because I am so vested in the brand, but that would not be completely accurate. I understand that the professional skills I have would translate perfectly to another premium brand, and that I could be successful should I venture off to work with BMW, Audi, Volvo, etc. In fact, in contemplating the uncertainty of the situation, I have wondered if I might have been better to follow the path of my predecessor. He left my current position ten years ago after an eight year tenure (and 18 years with Saab) to work with BMW, and taking the skills and programs he had from his experience here he radically improved that operation. He parlayed that success into a more significant position with Mercedes. Bravo for him. But that was his road, and I will take mine. I will stay with Saab, because I believe, as I have for so many years, that they make a great product which suits a particular kind of owner‚ÄĒan owner perhaps much like me‚ÄĒin a way no other car can. I can also say that people who work with and for Saab are a different breed as well, and I can‚Äôt imagine the degree of loyalty I have seen in those ranks occur with any other car maker.

    I’m in it for the product and for the people. I am not going anywhere. Perhaps I should have, but I am glad I stayed, and I’m ready to be a part of the next iteration of Saab.

  10. I want SAAB to survive because I want to buy a SAAB again when the time comes. For me, driving SAAB is a conscious and deliberate choice which has nothing to do with what my neighbours might think.

  11. I want Saab to live because I like the philosophy. A smaller brand such as this makes it easy to become truly passionate about it. I have the opportunity to help customers on a one on one level. The whole Saab experience becomes more meaningful to all involved that way. It’s not a boring¬†existence having a vehicle then. The support I get from Saab Cars N.A. is better than you can imagine as well. When an odd issue pops up, it’s all about getting the issue resolved, and rest assured that Saab has my back. It revolves around the customer experience. Not just just the sale of the car. I’ve been a Saab tech for 26yrs. now, and don’t want to work on anything else. My fear is, there is not another manufacturer that can match the whole package that Saab offers. From Trollhattan to your driveway. ¬† ¬†¬†

  12. Reading this post after almost a dozen comment makes it easy for me to just say: ditto!¬†¬†As a Saab owner for almost 30 years and actively involved in the “community,” I’m at the stage that I can’t imagine life without Saab (the company).¬† On that note, here are some¬†thoughts on the latest developments.¬†

    It has been quite a battle but Saab has been able to stay in the game.¬†¬† In a sense, I’m happy that it has come to this.¬† We finally know GMs terms for ownership change.¬†¬† The latest move to get a loan that can possible be transformed to convertible shares is a very strategic move and has probably been in the background for some time.¬†¬† It eliminates many parties who have to say yes – particularly GM, the NDO and the EIB.¬†¬† If there is no immediate ownership change and the EIB loan is paid off, SWAN/Saab can move forward and, when the time is right, ownership positions can change with limited outside approval.¬†

    In this current attempt for the loan, the Chinese NDRC is likely in the decsion-making loop but the most critical starting point is the level of trust between the Chinese “investors” – be they Youngman, a Chinese bank, and even Pang Da – and Saab.¬†¬† Any party willing to take this kind of risk has to believe in Saab’s ability to¬†successfuly live on, especially¬†with the known constraints.¬† They will certainly earn their stripes as believers in Saab.¬†¬† It will be about “business,” but it seems so much more for a plan like this to work.¬†¬† Perhaps it is time to encourage these Chinese investors?¬†

  13. May be because Saab is giving us what anyone else may do in the automotive market.
    You manufacture cars thinking on the driver and the passengers, not the business itself.

    Every time I start the engine of my car I feel like being whatched all around. No one else may offer that, even the luxury sport cars are missing that complement to their owners.

    Just my 2 cents advice. Why not open the company to a public stakes sale, open for car owners, ensuring that Saab will keep on manufacturing cars for car lovers!

    Good luck to Saab!!

  14. Because there is no alternativ! I¬īm driving my seventh SAAB, which I by the way, bought/ordered the day after Mr Mullers take over from GM.¬†I want to be able to buy my eight SAAB, the brand new 9-3 in a year or so. I love the feeling of driving my SAAB. I which there where something that I could do to help!

  15. In 2005 I was looking for a station wagon to replace my Honda Odyssey minivan.  Through a process of elimination I ended up buying a 9-5. In other words, I came to Saab almost by accident, not because I had ever driven one or knew much about the brand and its history.  Now, 7 years later, I cannot imagine owning any other car.  If Saab goes under, I will continue buying used Saabs for as long as they are available and I can find parts to keep them going. 

    The reasons for this as much emotional as rational. ¬†Saabs may not objectively be the “best” cars in every respect; but for me they meet both the emotional and rational aspects of owning and driving like no other car I have owned. ¬† ¬†¬†

    Saab has a remarkable history of excellence in design, engineering and automotive innovation (not to mention rallying).  When you buy as Saab you are buying a share of this proud history  and membership in a kind of extended family Рthe company and its employees, other Saab owners, Saab dealers and mechanics who share an enthusiasm for the brand.  In this  respect, its small size is a strength.   

    Saabs are not flashy cars loaded with the latest gimmicks.  They are understated and their virtues are not always immediately apparent.  The longer you drive a Saab the more you come to appreciate all the little touches that show just how much thought has gone into their design.  

    Saabs manage to combine good engineering, safety and practicality with a great “fun to drive” factor. ¬†I have owned a 9-5, C900 and NG900 – three very different cars, but all sharing these very Saabish qualities.

    Saabs have always been made for people who love cars and love to drive. ¬†That’s why I will continue to drive one as long as I can- which I hope will be for a very long time to come. ¬†


  16. For me, realizing that the cars I most liked to drive and promote were SAABs, was not an overnight realization. My family owned comparatively few SAABs versus some of the lifers you see out there, but what I do remember from long ago was that the SAAB was different. I remember many people coming up to my Dad asking what his ’88 900 was and that feeling echoed down to me. When I was of driving age in the 2000s SAABs were not the first thing that came to mind, however, my parents ended up with a 2004 9-3 Arc, which was subsequently passed down to me, and I have to say, I was hooked from day one. The sensationalism of it all put me in awe and after realizing others in forums felt that same level of passion, I knew I found something special. While I haven’t the same fond memories of the SAAB classics, I do know that the ’07 9-3 Aero I currently have is a blast to drive, and occasionally still evokes that look from those who have lost touch with SAAB. Its that sense of uniqueness combined with the exhilaration that has made me a SAAB driver for life.

  17. I grew up with SAAB’s and they have always stood out from the crowd, been different and better. If SAAB disappears it will be one of the greatest losses in automotive history… Long live SAAB!

  18. I do not understand your question! Much more than any other manufacturer. Not a dozen manufactures a product, but an individual from someone else completely different and unique product! We need it!

  19. First of all I love the spirit of company. I was always amazed by Scandinavian countries.
    Everybody see how hard you are trying to build good cars. If you just want money, you will quit the deal at the very beginning. You want to give the world the cars, which are good, beautiful and got spirit. Who else is doing that? No other company. Because every other company just wants profit, so they are forced to do “reasonably priced” cars.
    And then, the design of old SAABs up to 900 is so f***ing amazing. The new 9-5 is the best car being build and sold today.

  20. I like the way a saab looks, is designed and mostly sits in the surroundings. Sort of ” descretly shouting on top of it lungs”….sort of….
    The saab way is for me design with a pupose rather than building something that most people want. Building the car with engenering as a focus rather than letting the engeneers build what the market people tell them to build.
    I could be wrong here, but that’s how I feel.

    On a more factual basis, the saab is safe, comfortable, practical and it sits good in the contryside as well as in the more fashionable places. It will not suit everyone, but it will not leave anyone untoched. Everybody got an opinion! Allways!

  21. I want Saab to survive for a few reasons. One, Saab is the only company where my dealer still supplies me parts for my classic cars( ’63 96 ¬†two stroke), and I think everyone should do that. Secondly, Saab is still the most unique car company out there that doesnt make $250,000 cars at 2 a month. Lastly, we need a sedan that looks fairly ordinary, but has a key in the center console and has 300 BHP for less money than a BMW 335i on the market

  22. They’re¬†everything you’d want in a car. Quick, safe, reliable, spacious yet¬†compact, comfortable, stylish, lots of cargo room, smooth ride, fun to drive, and most of all they have personality.¬†
    I’ve only ever owned one and thats all it took.¬†
    I really cannot wait for the new hatch to come….

  23. because they are amazing cars, im 16 years old, and saabs have been in my family since i was born, ive always loved the way they looked and before i had my lisence, i was sure i wanted a saab for my first car. when i was 12 i bought a 88 900s, and i loved it, i worked on it, and it was an awesome car, i then purchased a 89 900 turbo, and sold the 88. ive owned my turbo ever since, and have put alot of time into it, with a whole new interior, and im currently changing the head gasket. saab is in my blood, i live, breath, and sleep saabs. when my friends at school say- thats the kid that drives the saab. it makes me feel good, because im not like everyone else driving a car you see every day. Long live Saab.

  24. Once in my life i want to buy a new Saab. And take off the plastic from seat’s and drive and enjoy and be happy that my dream came true…¬†
    I can do this only if Saab survive long enough until i will have money. I dont have money yet, so Saab- SURVIVE PLEASE!!!

  25. It is hard to explain…first was a 1982 900T and the most beautiful car I’d ever seen, still is.¬† I love the uniqueness, the history, and also was thrilled that Victor Muller appreciated that and could take it back.¬† Our family, including two sons, ex-husband and I own seven between us currently.¬† Just simply love them. ¬†

  26. The Look. The Power. The Safety. The Memories.
    Everybody loves SAAB but they dont know that yet..
    My father haved 900 ’86 and i love it! best car in my life.
    I still have photos of it and registration papers even though it has been in Cars Graveyard almost 10 years. Saab allways Nr.1 <3

  27. Having only found the beauty of Saab of late i am amazed by the completeness of the cars. a perfect combination of power safety performance and style is a rare thing and Saab deliver it bucketloads. my Saabs are all built under GM ownership and if these were so bad i can’t wait to have a new Saab saab.

    so come on guys if you build them well and price them right people will by them. any company that has great products at the correct price can.only flourish. it would be a shame to see such independent thinking and unique style lost.

    as someone said……

    Griffin up

  28. My SAAB is my friend. When I hang out with my 9-3 Convertible, we go to the woods, and then head toward the city. I am a parent and my SAAB knows it. Thats why my 9-3 convertible has 4 airbags and a roll over protection system, and SAHR. I am still young, and My SAAB has a turbo, it has a drop top because sometimes I like to breathe deep. It may sound like an ad, but those things listed above are why I will always love my SAAB.

    It has been the best car I have owned. I have owned from Volvo’s to Audi’s , but none have been able to take me to where my SAAB¬†9-3 Convertible¬†has a feeling of control, relaxation, peace, security, and splash of wild exhilaration. I can’t imagine driving anything else.

    I can feel and see that SAAB was designed originally by airplane designers.¬†¬†I learned to fly Cessna’s, the SID screen and the head-up screen seem like they could have come from the Cessna. The knob you change the SID screens is similar to the knob used to dial the radio frequencies in on on a Cessna. The key between the seats. The wing shape, etc etc……¬†SAAB’s seem to possess an ageless beauty, maybe because SAAB has always been advanced and ahead of its time, maybe it was the aircraft engineers and their drive to make reliable, safe cars.¬†

    I am different and I never blend in. Nothing about my life fallows convention. I want to drive a car from a car company that was born from reliable propeller driven planes and literally based on a wing. Not Jets.                        SAAB is a car company that like me is not scared to stand on their own Ideas, Ethics and Values.

                              SAAB has something so unique in its spirit Рthat no car out there can match it. And thats why I love SAAB. SAAB- A Griffins powers, engineers intelligence

  29. In a world full of ordinary automobiles, Saab represents a brand that’s set apart from the mainstream. The Saab brand should survive based on how far they have come in the industry and how much they have evolved in regards to innovation and design contributions. When people ask what kind of car do you drive it won’t be a commonality, its a Saab.

  30. I have two Saabs still under warranty. My Wife’s 2009 9-3 XWD has 15,000 miles on it and is in perfect condition. I’m planning to keep her Saab for a long time. My 2008 9-3 is still under 40,000 miles and I actually like driving my 9-3 better than her 9-3 XWD. I need Saab and I need a dealer network for service and parts. We all do. If I didn’t like my Saabs I wouldn’t own two. My Saab is the trade-in car, but I could also Maptun, etc. So, I’m still here and I’m still 100%Saab. 2 drivers in 2 Saabs at my house.

    Griffin Up.

  31. Saab as mentioned by a few above is tied closely to my personality..not sure I define myself by my Saab but I wouldn’t argue if someone thought that. ¬†I find my 2001 9-3 and 1988 900 both allow me to separate myself from the masses and the “norms” in life. ¬†I pride myself on being unique/different and think my Saabs’ functional design, unique styling and underlying sportiness are a great reflection of my personality. ¬†

    I hope to be able to add another new 9-3 to my collection in the near future and although those are selfish reasons for wanting Saab to live on, I also like to think that most other Saab drivers and the employees share a lot of my personality and don’t want others to ¬†lose out on such a great vehicle. ¬†Nor do I want the new generations of drivers to miss out on the Saab experience and community.

    While myself and most other Saab owners can do little to help the company survive; I applaud all the dedicated employees for supporting such a unique and amazing company in what can only be trying times for their families financially.  It is a rarity in the world let alone the business world for people to find something to be so loyal too as the world is increasingly becoming a dull do what your neighbour does world. 

    I hope we can all continue to stand out from the crowd and if we do the employees that were able to stay on deserve a huge pat on the back.

  32. Saab’s engineering has always brought forth vehicles of striking beauty. ¬†But the most wonderful attention has always been given to safety and performance. ¬†This commitment to both aesthetic detail as well as the security has always set Saab cars above all others in my mind. ¬†I would hate for the world to loose such a company; one which attends to the complete well-being of its drivers in terms of safety, performance, and sheer enjoyment. ¬†S.O.S. (Save Our Saabs!)

  33. Because it’s different design then German cars!, thus attracting ‘different, no nonsense-people’. More value 4 money. Now Saab only really needs to close the technical Gap compared with the Germans, then they’ll be competitive again and able to survive. This was also the case before they got to the yankees; they’ve been sucking dry the engineering department; why lasting a 9-5 for 10 years?! I really hope Saab is able to keep it’s identity, and the Chinese do not interfere with Saab engineering, nor killing it by copying….Low quality is already available. Enjoying every drive with my 9-5 2002 Aero ūüôā Godspeed SAAB!¬†
    Carl Daelman

  34. I just bought one I hope that they survive so if there are any issues the warranty will be honored.

  35. I’m on my 2nd Saab now, 2008 93 Aero XWD, absolutely smile every day when I punch it, it’s fun, smooth, and great seats, love it, Saab better be around for years to come, great fun driving a SAAB.

  36. After wanting one for a while, I finally bought a used 93 wagon a couple of years ago…and I still love driving it! It has become THE road car for our family. It’s comfortable, responsive, and solid. I also like the fact that (even though it was built under GM) it’s not a cookie-cutter car. That’s the way they ruined the Saturn brand, diluting it until it meant nothing. SAAB stands for something beyond the nuts & bolts. It has heart & soul. It deserves to live! (Besides, what will I do when I finally retire my 93? Nothing else will be good enough.)

  37. Because Saabs are beautiful, original, drive amazingly well for FWD cars, aren’t covered in brushed aluminum and other yuppie garbage, don’t put LEDs over the headlights, go fast when you want and are always safe.¬†But most of all because there is nothing like jetting down a back road through the mountains at night in the snow with the night panel button pressed and Fever Ray on the audio system. Magic.

  38. As a happy Saab 92x and 97x owner I need them to survive so I can get a new Trollhattan built Saab someday. That said, GM didn’t do that bad for US buyers with plenty of parts for both of my cars available. ¬†Plus that short-run 94x is a very nice rig as well.

  39. Saabs have soul and that¬īs quite unique in these days of flappy pedal gearbox and electrical door opening. I love these cars for their plain design and pure happiness behind the steering wheel. They must survive…

  40. So, we have a luxury car brand,
    with top safety features at their cars which are world wide recognized.
    With high quality Japanese electronics used in their cars( that’s why Saabs don’t have the problems of other common European cars).
    Having low serviceability needs., having cheap parts, unique characterizing design,
    and on top of all.
    It’s the company that made my car, your car, my neighbor’s car.( who survived after rolling it 360 4 times, and crashing on to a tree driver’s side, and leaving without a scratch)
    Also there’s me! When I was 20 and returned to my country from studying abroad I needed a car. I wanted to buy something fast, had no knowledge about cars and wanted a Mitsu Evo because all my friends supported that vehicle. Problem is I wasn’t receiving insurance for such car. Well after a month or so, I called my insurance agent, told him i found a Saab. He gave me insurance happily. My insurance agent doesn’t know my Saab has 310whp ūüôā¬†

    After all this and you want more reasons why Saab has to survive? 

  41. My Dad has had 13 Saabs, spanning over 30 years and I’m on my third.. Every time my father thinks of changing to something smaller and more economical he finds that ‘Nothing on Earth comes close’ (to quote an 80’s UK magazine advert slogan for Saab), nothing comes up to the comfort level and safety of his current car (9-3 Turbo Edition TiD150).¬† For me nothing matches the sheer sense of exhiliration the moment that turbo starts spooling – my 9-5 Aero is supremely comfortable and stands out majestically from the mundane cack on our road.

    I want Saab to survive because I can’t imagine running anything else – what are the alternatives?¬† Skoda Superb – most are taxis (like larger VW-Audis), Alfa -159 no longer made…

  42. So many reasons. Saab has become my life. I started working in Saab dealership when I was 17 back in April 1997 as an apprentice technician after being made redundant from the Citroen dealer. I loved Citroen (still do) but never ever thought that Saab would get hold of me the way it has.

    So 15 years later I am still at the same dealership and I have worked my way up to Service Manager. I own my wife’s MY01 9-5 SE Airflow and last year I realised a dream when I bought a MY00 Lightening Blue 9-3 Viggen. I have also sold 8 Saab’s in the past 3 years to close friends and family.

    I love everything that Saab stands for. The style, the power, the safety. I have owned some great cars over the year’s. I have never connected with any car the way I have with Saab’s.¬†I love the owners,¬†I love the people who work for Saab, in dealers and in THN.¬†Last year I was lucky enough to bag a trip to THN for new 9-5 launch. Now I’m terrified of flying. I’m ill for weeks before I go anywhere. Not then. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I just hope I can do it again……..

    There are so many reason’s for Saab to survive. More and more these day as I worry that this could be the end, I look around at bland boring cars with no passion or soul, I wonder if my love affair with the car is fading. Saab’s give a special feeling that your part of a special and exclusive club that is only rivaled by supercar manufactures

    That sad truth now is that this is not about a small car company in a wonderful part of Sweden. Its about politics and egos………… COME VICTOR!! SAAB UP

  43. Hello to you all, SAAB fans and lovers!

    I’ve read recent comments and now i’m feeling so excited…Just it’s so wonderful to recognize so familiar thoughts and words other say about SAAB. That’s all about the truth.
    I’ve been keen on cars from my very birth. For me vehicles and engineering as well are still my lifestyle, my outlet. As I acquainted with SAAB for the first time I got it. Got it right in that very moment – that’s it. That is my dream.
    The way SAAB is inspiring never refers to anything else. Scandinavian mentality in every detail, efficient, way of thinking, their awareness in cost of life with environment in mind. This company was the first to implement turbocharged effectiveness, passionate aeroplan design…
    You just can’t find anywhere else such a combination. Every time you drive one, it feels like being a pilot, thrusting through all other roadmates with a speed of light..

    In the time of global car universality it is heart-touching to know, that there are still unique and special people, like at SAAB.

    My best regards,

  44. Why i want ( need ) Saab to survive? Because Saabs are part of our family for last 20+ years, my dad drives Saab i drive Saab. Because¬†those cars get into your blood – simple. Over the years my 9-3 became part of me or maybe i became part of my 9-3. Because i cannot imagine myself in anything else, german “me too” crowd? never, Alfa Romeo – maybe ( they underdogs too ūüôā ) no other alternatives. Because for me there always be 2 car makers in the world: Saab and everyone else. Because Saabs were never perfect, always unique in some way, and¬†being unique is better than being perfect. Because only Saab i can call: my very own car, everything else would be my transport device at most.

  45. it s very clear that GM wants Saab out of the market.Do they realy think that a Saab owner would buy their cars after this?

  46. Simple, we expect from Saab a fair car towarts savety and for many years to drive a reliable car. ThatSaab’s¬†are beautiful cars as well is a good cocktail what shoot not dissapeare from the market. Off course Saab can’t serve every one, the competition doesn’t sit stil as well. But still due to the quality they proved to every one that a model like the 9-5 was provided with a quality engine and¬†chassis.¬†This is if you like the car or not, it drives very well. It does not make a big driverance to drive, if you take a well maintained from the year 2000 or 2009.¬†And there is a market, if there is a reliable dealer network and future there for Saab to make this happen.


  47. Well, 

    РI have been a fan for 13 years. 

    РI have owned 6 Saabs. 

    РI miss every single one of my past Saabs. 

    РI love Saab on all sides and from all perspectives. 

    РEvery time I see my 9-5 I pause in amazement of how perfect my car is. 

    – I turn my head at every Saab I see, even though I’ve seen it a 100 times before.¬†

    – I’d rather look at my dash than the road I’m driving on.¬†

    – I don’t want to drive anything else.

  48. Simply because it is the best solution between a perfect engineering, safety, innovative design and superb technical customer feedback. No other mfr. ever came close to it and thats why I love SAAB ūüôā

  49. SAAB is a way of life! I love my SAAB and my husband loves
    his. We have become the true SAAB family, and I want it to stay that way. 
    The company is more than just a manufacture; it is a way of life, an actual


  50. I just bought an 06 Combi two weeks ago. I hope Saab survives so I can keep this car running. 
    I do miss the old days though when Saab didn’t have “option packages”. You bought a 900S, it came with all this. You want more options? You buy an SE and it has all the options.
    If Saab survives, I would love to see them go back to that system. Talk about unique!

  51. I love Saabs because they are so unique, odd, and as far from normal as possible.¬† The C900’s are such a different approach to engineering and design.¬† The 1999-2001 Saab 9-5s are phenomal, they hold up so well to age and high mileage yet have the best road maners out of any of their cars.¬† The 1999-2002 Saab 9-3 are fantastic because they have a similar profile to the C900’s yet a much more powerful engine and far superior transmission.¬† The cars more recent than the one’s I’ve mentioned have been infected with the cost cutting and model blending forced by GM.¬† The C900 and 9000 were the last cars that felt and drove like a proper Saab.¬† The NG 900s, 9-3s, 9-5s still have enough Saab DNA (the B2XX engines) to interest me.

    My hope for Saab in the future is they are able to bring their one-of-a-kind engineering traits back to their new product line.  I hope for them to be simple cars, with as little computer interference as possible.  I would love for them to feel like a Saab, not a Saturn or Buick.  I hope Saabs can become Saabs once again.  

  52. The performance and handling of a sports car, the versatility of a pick-up truck, the appointments, fit and finish¬†of a luxury car.¬† Add reliability, endurance, practicality¬†and economy and you have what no other single automobile can offer at any price.¬† I’ve been a loyal Saab owner since 1983 (900, 9000 CS and now a 9-3 Cabrio) and can’t wait for my next Saab!

  53. Well, I like SAAB, because it is very unique among cars, and it makes you unique. It has a great history, that you can feel, when you sit in, and drive the car. I mean, you have for example a Nissan, or Opel, but they don’t have a soul, or history. And even if they have history, you just can’t feel it. But when you sit in a SAAB, the company’s whole history come back from every part of the car, and you can feel something, and that what makes SAAB different from other cars. SAAB make the other cars look like a toy, if you put them next to each other.

  54. SAAB has always been a pioneer in engineering road cars and always offer something different, ‘out of the ordinary’ features and small distinctive details. SAAB is not a mass producing factory, and focuses on unique technologies, customer practicalities rather than having the same features across all product line. I like SAAB for their niche market offerings and individualistic, non comformist approach in car engineering. SAAB can build very well built, reliable cars and their design can excel over many years. SAAB should not follow the GM trends but its own! GM destroyed the character and built qualities of SAAB. We want some cars that can compete against the german rivals but offer even better looks, design appeal and comfort. My aim is to get hold of the new SAAB 95 or the SAAB X4. I live in Cyprus where everybody is driving a Mercedes, BMW or an Audi (I had an Audi and a Merc and 2 SAABs). Well i really loved my SAAB 95 and now my SAAB 93 convertible. I don’t want to own something normal or usual and not different. SAAB offers technology, comfort, fast engines, great spec, and unique appeal! SAAB hold on tight!!! I support every single SAAB employee and my wish to them for Christmas is to keep their job and even start producing new cars with the coming of the new year. SAAB really moves my mind!

  55. Why would I like to see Saab survive?

    Simple. Because the world would seem a duller place if it didn’t.

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

  56. my saab 9-3 has been the perfect car and now that its coming time to upgrade to a newer vehicle, nothing seems to compare. BMWs, Mercs, Audis… just love the saab character. so much behind it. I like to be different, and thats why i like saab. I want Saab to survive!!!

  57. To be honest, I would be happy if I could have my 900 Turbo forever. ¬†When I got it, even though it was 15 years old with almost 180k miles and plenty of things needing attention, I preferred the way it drove over my Viggen. ¬†I’m disappointed that my life has not taken a path that will allow me to restore it, but if there started to be new Saabs again, SAAB Saabs…

  58. To be honest, I would be happy if I could drive my 900 Turbo forever. ¬†When I got it, even though it was 15 years old, had almost 180K miles on it, and had plenty of problems, I found I still preferred the way it drove over my Viggen. ¬†I’m disappointed that my life has not taken a track that allows me to restore it, and I am this week having to make the difficult decision to part with it. ¬†But if there would once again be new Saabs, SAAB Saabs, I’m confident I could once again have a car I like just as much or even more.

  59. What makes Saab unique is freedom. It doesn‚Äôt tie one down by convention, or box one up in a neat package. It is the sort of car that doesn‚Äôt define the driver, it allows the driver to define it. It achieves this universality by getting things right, through aesthetic and functional balance—it is stylish, but not gimmicky or trendy—it has power, but not in excess—it has adequate safety, but it is not a hindrance—it is well rounded—it says a lot, about, all kinds of things. It doesn‚Äôt allow one particular aesthetic ideology to overpower the design. This lets Saab appeal to a broad range of people with different approaches, who don‚Äôt derive status from a car, but give status to it. Often the first responders have a unique personal style, they are looking for a car that is not the competition, a car that gives voice to everyone. It does not achieve this democratic appeal through tradition, or by playing it safe, it does so by free thinking—and the result is an intelligently modern design.

  60. People, you are an exemple for lot of entreprises.
    When I drive my Saab 9.3, I have a nice sentiment, very nice.
    Let I hope that the future will make you justice !
    Thanks for all !
    Have a very very merry christmas, and an happy new year. ūüôā

    Philippe – France

  61. SAAB is the car for the free minded n individual people on planet earth.
    Great people … awesome passion … the ride n the feeling is impossible to describe.
    SAAB belonging to something unique…

  62. Why Saab has to survive?
    Because I want to drive a Saab for as long as I live. My 1983 99GL (daily driver!) has already got about 360.000 kilometres on the clock, so I guess in about five to ten years (come on, it’s a Saab!) I need to look for a new Saab. And it should be a brand new one then so I can drive about in it for the rest of my life. That’s why Saab needs to survive.

    I can’t drive around in any other “car” without thinking “this feels wrong”. Because it just feels so right to drive a Saab.
    Someone wrote this in an article a few years ago. He got himself a 900 even though he was a little bit sceptical about the brand – because for him, Saab-owners appeared to be so excessively devoted to their cars. But then, after a while, each time he took a trip in his new car and spotted the reflexion of his Saab in a shopwindow or what not, he would feel all giddy about it. It’s the shape of the radiator grill, its the wedge-shaped notch where the side windows are. It’s the look of¬† a Saab and it’s the way, a Saab looks back at you.

    Life without Saab is possible, yet pointless.
    Come on you Jerry Seinfelds of the world ‚Äď buy the company out!

  63. Because the company is one of the few that is willing to research and develop product that is driver centric. ¬†Let’s see heads-up display, canted instrument panel, ¬†Steering wheel controls, seat cooler seat heater. ¬†The power plant research needs to continue. ¬†Boston Battery, Eco engines. ¬†I would love to see a new 94/96 or a small hatchback.

  64. Saab is like a tailormade suit. It just fits me. I dont get the same feeling from HM or Zara and not from VW or Audi. Saab needs to live becurse its different and we love it

  65. I will start by saying ‚Äúditto‚ÄĚ to so many things people have written ahead of me in comments about why we want Saab to survive.

    I might fill a book with the reasons given the time and chance to do so as to why we want Saab to survive.

    However I’ll try to sum it up in fewer words.  We have owned and driven so many cars and never found anything that we enjoy driving as much as Saabs.  The versatile nature of Saabs is unparalleled for our needs. 

    We simply do not enjoy driving anything as much as our Saabs and this is why we still own 4 and have owned 7 in total.

    We want Saab to survive because we want to keep driving Saabs and nothing else will satisfy us.

    We want Saab to survive because we believe Saab positively influences the automotive industry by being a pioneer and by doing things differently and in ways that we appreciate.

    Saabs are uniquely styled, comfortable, practical, reliable, and just plain fun to drive.

    Our Saabs feel more like an extension of our bodies that are in tune with us when driving than any other brand of car.  This provides us a comfort and confidence behind the wheel we simply do not find anywhere else.

    We want Saab to survive because the dedicated people who design, build and service Saabs deserve it.

  66. I was on the college ski team in the late Seventies. The sports cars that I owned were abysmal in the snow and winter weather. ¬†A few of my teammates drove Saab 99s, which were fantastic in winter weather, so after getting particularly fed up with my Alfa Romeo coupe, I went to the Saab dealer and purchased a new, 1979 900EMS. ¬†As a student studying mechanical engineering, I really loved the common sense design of the vehicle. ¬†The self-cleaning rear window, the heated seats, the fixed head restraints, the clam-shell hood, the very clever seat belt “buckles” and, of course, the very strong structural components. ¬†What a great car! ¬†(Oh but to have been able to afford the Turbo….) ¬†I discovered the practicality of the hatchback and the folding rear seats – in a sporty car no less. ¬†The EMS gave way to an ’85 900SPG rocket ship and then a 9000 family car, still a clever, well thought out vehicle that was exceptionally capable. ¬†Somewhere in there I also owned a Saab 95 which is still one of the coolest wagons ever produced. ¬†After the GM purchase, I drifted away from SAAB because the SAAB-ness had been compromised. ¬†They weren’t cleverly designed any longer as they became “everyman” cars in a pseudo-SAAB body. ¬†I did own a first gen 9-3 2.0T for a few years, but, while more reliable, it did not have the SOUL of the 900 or 99. Like many SAAB people, I couldn’t stay away for long and bought a 9-3 SC aero a few years ago, mainly because the utility of the “wagon” reminded me of my old 900 and the combination of the V6 Turbo with a manual transmission was intoxicating. Now if the GM bits would go away and the car would become truly Swedish (I really don’t want the same radio as a cheap Chevy HHR or On-Star buttons that glow blindingly at night and I do miss the plywood), we’d be back to true SAAB-ness.

    To me, SAABs are practical, sporty, and economical.  The 9-4X Aero that my father just bought proves that they can be utterly luxurious as well.  Few, if any, other automobile manufacturers make similar cars, and, for that reason, SAAB should survive.

  67. Affordable individuality is why I want Saab to survive. ¬†What would I buy if there was no longer a Saab? ¬†I’d hate to think. ¬†Unfortunately GM diluted Saab’s individuality quite heavily and it’s going to take some time and effort to put it back in, but I’m sure it will happen. ¬†I hope that whoever owns Saab after all this realizes that ‘generic’ and ‘Saab’ are total opposites. ¬†Making a generic car and trying to blend in some Saab flavour will never work. ¬†Just ask GM!

  68. Saab has it’s own personality. Is true that not everybody would buy a Saab, but there’s a market for this brand. Customers that we like something different a design that is not link to fashions, a spirit … a way to understand how we like to drive. I would also give value to the fact that is done in Scandinavia, by Scandinavians (i’m Spanish). Too many people is not buying now a Saab just because there’s no cars as the factory stopped months ago.¬†

    Something that i do not end to understand is why they did not try to increase the capital af Saab via a public offering. I would’ve buy a little as to me would be an honor to be a Saab shareholder.

    I have a Saab and i have a BMW , and i can live without my BMW but not with my SAAB

  69. I can only feel comfortable in a SAAB car. Maybee it is part of my SAABism (similar to alcoholism). No other car brand give me so much pleasure to drive and travel free from pain in the but and the legs. The comfort and the overall safety is the main reason why i wish SAAB to survive. 

  70. My reason is the most simple of all possible: I love SAABs, and I have yet to have the opportunity to own one!

    Since I’m young, the main problem for me is the future. There won’t be much left of the cars produced today by the day I can’t drive a car anymore, somewhere in the other half of this century!
    – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Thoughts that fled from the head of O8h7w

  71. I want Saab to survive because they are simply great! I admire how much Saab have achieved with so little. ¬†To my mind this shows real ability rather than having the luxury of chucking money and limited world resources at it that the other big car companies do. It is more than just design it is also being comfortable with Saab’s culture ethos and values as well.

    Having recently retired and traded down to a VW Golf and Polo for financial reasons I find that they leave me emotionally disengaged. I am clearly suffering from Saab withdrawal symptoms, spotting them on the road and looking at them in car parks…yes I know sad. My wife and I had owned Saabs since 1999 until 2011 and have loved everyone of them. They never once let us down and the dealer Bell & Colvill is the best we have dealt with for any car.¬†
    Why is it that a car company that produces such thoughtful logical designs engenders such a strong emotional attachment? I don’t know but God how I miss my Saab!

  72. Because I’ll eventually need another sport wagon.¬† Saab *will* be building another 9-5 Combi for me.¬† No other wagon looks as great as my ’09 9-5 Griffin Combi did yesterday with a twin mattress and box spring on a Saab c-track roof rack with c-track load stops and two sets of Saab load straps headed for donation to a good cause.¬† ( I kept the car, of course.¬† ūüôā )

    Because Saab saved my life and/or my car … twice this week in fact.¬† I love the holiday silly season.¬† I got to do one emergency lane change exercise in at 55 MPH on an interstate highway.¬† I got to do one emergency stopping exercise on a local state highway.¬† Thanks for Aero Academy back in the day!

  73. Just as I said, Steve, you have faith in the SAAB owners / enthusiasts and don’t
    just shut down “Inside SAAB” because things aren’t progressing as we wish. You
    are the media Captain.

  74. Saab must survive.
    Not only because I want to be able to buy Saabs in the future.
    Saab is also needed to keep the competitors alert.
    Saab must survive.

  75. Saab is like Romney…always trying to get ahead despite stumbling blocks. ¬†I have always loved the quirkiness, technology, and sheer exhilaration of SAAB. ¬†I want it to survive, so I can get a decent price when I trade in my 93 Aero Combi. ¬†Sadly, I’m afriad that most SAAB dealers have given up also, because even they don’t want to pay fair dollar on trades

  76. Bought a saab 93 in August and as the advertisement says, it really does `move your mind`. Surely someone will come in and save the marque. A car with this history and sense of individuality is something worth fighting for, its more important than just money. Good luck Saab!

  77. To be honest with you I’ve never heard much about SAAB¬† in the past. I own a SAAB for only 3 years, when I bought it was like love at first sight, I remember that I saw my¬† 9-3 Vector in the dealer and I knew it was gonna be mine, after two days I bought it and since then it was my proud. Is funny how people look at my car wondering what kind of car is that and even people in bmws and mercedes look at my car taking the sunglasses off.
    I love everything in my SAAB, is such a cool car and is part of my personality, I am pretty sure that SAAB is going to be alive. Sometimes when I think wich car would be my next car in the far future and I dont find anything that match it in any aspect. I learned so much about SAAB history and people around the world that own one of this cars and makes me proud to have one of them.
    SAAB forever!
    With love from New Jersey US and Peru.