Car vs Fish – OR – the new trend in ‘cow catching’ grilles

2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

I so wish Hyundai would stop copying the designs of other companies (*cough* *cough* Citroen). Their sister company, Kia, seem to be able to do design OK right now, but Hyundai always looks so derivative. That aside….

Other than the cow catcher up front, the Veloster Turbo looks OK on (virtual) paper.

  • Strange but catchy door configuration
  • 201hp and 265Nm
  • Slightly offensive design method but looks suitably agro.

Of course, cars aren’t driven on paper so it’d be a matter of seeing and driving the car for one’s self. But at the very least, it looks interesting and I don’t think I’ve ever written that about a Hyundai before.

The full details will come out at the NAIAS, which starts any minute now.

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  1. Amen to that brother. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, the guy who designed the Citroen DS3 (?Mark Lloyd?) should be feeling very flattered right now. Perhaps someone over at Renault could also take a small bow too.

  2. This was on a episode of FLD and they mentioned this exactly. How ever they also mentioned how these grills etc are an easy solution to the Euro pedestrian crash standards as well which is why a lot of car companies are having them.

  3. Hi all.

    I seem to remember Mitsubishi had a similar shaped grille on a concept a few years back and certainly Ford have adopted something similar over the last few years. Maybe Citroen had a little look at these before penning the DS3?

    Great to have you back on the web Swade. Its good to be able to look at other things while Saab (hopefully) is sorted out.

  4. The 2013 Ford Fusion has an equally large mouth. I really don’t see the appeal in these designs. The Dodge Charger is another example. Ugly!

  5. I have been eagerly awaiting more details on the turbo Veloster, grabbed my attention a few months ago. I am partial to the hatch design, but agree that grill leaves some (or less) to be desired.

  6. No matter how good the car may be, that front end kills it. It is similar to how I used to like the looks, in general, of the Mazda 3, but now it has that big gaping mouth look on its grill also. Ugh.

    Speaking of Kia design, I just saw an ad last night on TV for the 2012 Kia Optima top end model with a turbo 4 engine. I was not aware Kia had gone to turbos. There is a short review in Car and Driver on that model that seems pretty positive. Do they have that model down under, Swade? Have you seen or driven it?

    1. Not sure on the Optima turbo, Mark. I’m guessing they probably do. I’m not familiar with the full offerings of all companies down here.

      Kia and Hyundai are joined at the hip so them sharing the turbo engine’s not too big a surprise.

      1. I just noticed today too that Dodge is bringing back the Dart this fall, but this new one is based on the Alfa Giulietta and will offer a small displacement turbo 4 as one of the engine options. Interesting.

  7. There´s a battle out there: “who´s got the widest mouth?”
    Audi started this by replacing their two-opening grille with one large opening. Since then, nearly all manufacturers have followed more or less. I hate it.

  8. The C&D article about the Veloster was entitled “The Hatchback of Earthly Delights” that satirically cast the car as a virtuous mythical grotesque. It was amusing, but a bit over the top. Much like the car.

  9. I’ve actually like how Hyundai have been coming along. The Tiburon wasn’t bad looking, maybe a bit on the small/cheap (materials) side–but the Genesis Coupe looks pretty good! 2 liter turbo that makes over 200hp. They’re certainly nowhere near as cool as Saab during any part of their history, but again: not bad.