Sweden Diary – Day 2 of my visit to Trollhattan

Trollhattan in the snow

I guess it’s appropriate to diarise this trip, eh?

I didn’t do a Day 1 diary, but for those who’d like to know, I visited Polestar and then got on a train to Trollhattan. That’s about it (more on Polestar later, but that’s it for now).

To be honest, most of Day 2 was pretty boring. I watched a few videos and tried to figure out how I’m going to pack all the stuff I have to take home into two suitcases. I went shopping, ate some food and got ready for the evening’s entertainment.

There are two reasons why such a quiet program was OK for me. Reason #1 is the jetlag, which tends to zap your enthusiasm for movement. Reason #2 is because no matter what I would have done today, the star attraction of the day was actually the weather.

I live about as far south as you can live in Australia. Hobart is 100kms or so from the southern-most town in the country. Even though we’re that far south, we don’t see snow very often at all. I’m actually petrified with the idea of living in a snowy climate. I wouldn’t know how to cope with all that shovelling, all that slippery stuff.

Today, it snowed in Trollhattan and I know now why the Swedes tend to welcome the snow in winter – because it gives some beauty to brighten up the cold temperatures that are going to be there anyway.

Today we were treated to a light, all-day snowfall that put the sort of picture-perfect white blanket over everything, the sort of postcard snowy image that we southerners think of when we think snowfall. It was enough to put 5cm or so of cover over everything, but not so heavy as to be a pain in terms of movement around the city. People were still walking their dogs and driving to the shops, but they were doing it amongst a prettier picture.

Speaking of which, here’s one from this evening:

Just beautiful. My wife’s quite accustomed to living with snow as she grew up in Canada. Still, I bet she would have enjoyed this today and I wish she was here to see it.


I waited like everyone else with a Saaby state-of-mind on events from Gothenburg today. Earlier in the week, the administrators in charge of Saab’s bankruptcy procedures announced a press conference in Gothenburg for this afternoon. Given that they haven’t said much up to now, there was a fair bit of anticipation around this happening. What would be announced? Would they sell Saab whole? And if so, who would they sell it to?

They needn’t have bothered. I get the feeling that they called the PC in response to some growing criticism that they hadn’t said much so far. They didn’t say much today, either. Essentially, they’re still looking to sell Saab whole (which we kinda knew, but is good to hear) and they have parties that are interested in buying the company whole, which we also knew. So their attempt to salve the PR needs of the people and the press didn’t really achieve its purpose, IMHO.


The main attraction this evening was a get together with some friends here for some car racing and some man-food. The racing was done on simulators at a place called Buddys. Let’s just say I finished Top-5 and leave it at that, shall we 😉

The food was great. It was my first O’Learys Classic Ribs of this visit, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. The food was only made better by the company and we all enjoyed some laughs.


I guess it’s different to come here to Trollhattan in the winter time. The place still functions, it just does things a little different when the snow is around.

The big change I’m looking to see during this visit is how things feel here with Saab being inoperative and under permanent threat. That’s something you can’t gauge from one day’s weather-watching. I guess it’ll hit home the most if and when I get to call in to Saab’s HQ during the week. I still have to return my keycard and my phone, so I’ll try to set up an appointment time when someone I know will be there. It’s going to be eerie, but that’s where we’re at right now, I guess.

I miss home very much, but it’s good to be back and the opportunity of catching up with more and more people this week, for the last time in many instances, is one I’ll treasure. I do love this place and the people I worked with here. It’s going to be very sad to leave it behind in a few days and know that I, personally, am not likely to be back for some considerable time.

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  1. Enjoy your time there , and be careful traveling home. I can only imagine the emotions now in Trollhattan ; good to hear y’all are still able to at least enjoy each other’s company, some good food and a little recreation.

  2. Emotional time I guess.

    BTW: If at the factory you get a chance to kick open the door to the room where the new 9-3 is, sneak us a picture cobber!

  3. I’ll make it my mission to fly down to Hobart and invite myself to dinner mate 😉 I’ll buy the steaks and… Cola. 😀