Video: Saab 900 SVO Concept

The recent opening of bids for the sale of cars at the Saab Museum has touched a few nerves with a lot of people, me included.

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time at the Saab Museum in the last four years or so and there’s always been something fascinating there to look at, discover for the first time, or re-discover.

My first visit to the Saab Museum was back in 2007, when I came to the Saab Festival in Trollhattan. This video was shot during that first visit and it shows several things: 1) my relative newbie status as a Saab fan at that time, and 2) the absolutely gorgeous Saab 900 SVO Concept, the car that would form the basis for the Saab 9-3 Viggen.

I didn’t place any bids for cars at the Saab Museum, but if I did, this would have been one of the cars I’d have loved to secure.

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  1. The Viggen in Yellow looks good. I like the interior appointments including the yellow on the steering wheel. I wonder if any owners got tired of the yellow after owning the car for six months or so.

    You would definitely get looks with this car.

    1. Lightning Blue was definitely easier on the eyes.

      Something else that caught my eye was the wheels. Why is it that Saab was the only car maker (IMO) who could consistently make 3-spoke wheels work so well on their models?

  2. This is what Saab needs to do again. When the Viggen Concept surfaced in pictures on the internet spring of 1996 I was in school. Needless to say I didn’t get much done and the same went for even the most die hard Volvo enthusiasts… The picture of the Viggen Concept became desktop pictures on many of the schools PC 133MHz Pentiums and Power Mac’s.
    Saab need another car that engages people to talk just as much as the Viggen and the 9000CS Aero. Saab need another car that even Volvo fans can’t look away from (a love/hate relationship) and that gets people talking.

    The color combination is superb. Good friend Robin Morley says he need my 9-5SC Vector Anniversary’s seats for his own Linear Anniversary… That is what a color combination and upholstery can do. Engage.
    The 9-3 Griffin Independence Day Edition was on the right track but didn’t get to flaunt it’s orange/redish color. It’s a shame but I can’t say that it ever got me almost fall out of my “seat” like the seats of the 9000CS Aero/9000 V6 Griffin, the 9-3/9-5 60’th Anniversary or the Viggen Concept or the Viggen did. It might be that the unsetteling feeling of the future spoiled the Independence Day Ed’s presence… But at the same time… It didn’t get me all giddy when I saw it during the SaabsUnited/ANA days in 2010.

    The new owner need to look closely at cars like the Viggen and themselves say “WOW”…


  3. Truly awesome car. Too bad you didn’t just jump in and drive off with it when you had the chance!