All the car ads from Superbowl 2012

Here they are….. all the car-related ads from this year’s Superbowl.


Bridgestone I – Bridgestone usually do some good stuff and they even featured a Saab a few years back IIRC. This one features a football.


Volkswagen – The Dog Strikes Back – No, it’s not Vader Kid, but I still enjoyed it. And the preview ad The Bark Side as well (below)


Chevy Sonic – Big stunts, small number of views. Silk purse, sows ear, etc.

—— – Annoyingly fun, but maybe it’s just me


The Camry Effect – there are nearly 7 million Camry owners out there, all of whom just aren’t that interested in cars.


Chrysler – Halftime in America – Another flag-waver from Chrysler to follow their Eminem commercial from last year. Good stuff, but for non-Americans, perhaps a bit rich (which is completely irrelevant as it’s made for Americans). Chrysler are my favourite of the big three, which isn’t saying that much, but it’s something.


Fiat 500 Abarth – I don’t need to say anything more about this, do I? Hands down, my absolute favourite car ad for a long time.


Camry Reinvented – it doesn’t talk about the car at all, because there’s very little they can say.


Acura NSX – Seinfeld – I saw the longer version yesterday and didn’t like it. This shorter version is much better.


Bridgeston II – The basketball isn’t the only thing that’s silent here….


Honda CRV – Ferris Bueller – Again, a shortened version from the one I saw yesterday. Unlike Seinfeld, this one ain’t growing on me.


Hyundai Genesis – Doesn’t get my pulse going….


Kia Optima – Huge budget, only 72,000 views according to Youtube. Ouch.


Cadillac ATS – I’d have thought they could come up with something more original than shooting at the Nordschlief. Maybe a car screaming across a salt flat? I’m just to anti-Caddy, I guess. The car sucks, the ad sucks, the brand sucks and the company sucks (in case you had any doubts).


Suzuki Kizashi – I’m surprised there hasn’t been more chatter about this one. They could have done more with it, I guess.


GM Silverado – The ad that got Ford’s knickers in a twist. Much ado about nothing.


Audi – Vampire Party – Nearly 5,000,000 views already. Looks like Audi kicked a goal with this one.


Lexus – The upmarket Toyota takes the reinvention theme to the sci-fi era. I still think the front grille looks like Predator.


Chevy Volt – haven’t heard any chatter about this one at all.


Hyundai Veloster Turbo – One of the more interesting new cars for 2012. Lame ad. Really, really lame.


BMW – 3 series ads showing various aspects of connected drive. This is one of them and there are more online.


Chevy Sonic – OK Go – Music video that you don’t want to think too much about (accelerating yet maintaining constant rhythm?). Just enjoy.

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  1. Cadillac sucks? the company sucks? I bet if they made vacuum cleaners you’d say they suck too! (rofl)
    Agree about the dreadfully lame Hyundai Veloster ad.

    Bring back Saab + Oh Laura!

    1. Yeah, I hate them with a passion. There are very few things in the world that I ascribe the word ‘hate’ to, but Cadillac is one of them. Their pathetic wannabe BMW stance is just another reason why. Sure, benchmark a car, but don’t do everything you possibly can to be that car. Be yourself. The only thing missing from that ad was a 3-series scooting past the ATS on the exit to the carousel.

      1. Hear hear. Couldn’t agree more. This add is pathetic!
        Also agree on the Fiat 500 being brilliant. Had to watch it over and over again.

      2. Come, come, Cadillac is proving to be a winner. Your feelings are rooted in a past relationship that is quickly coming to a close. Cadillac will continue to be a force for many years.

        1. Eggs, I don’t hide my distaste for them *or* the roots. But it’s not just the GM link. I genuinely don’t like them. And I don’t agree they’re a force at all. They have a market, but they’re not a force in that market, they’re a competitor working their way up. BMW is still the force in that segment, as Caddy acknowledge with their ‘wannabe’ advertising. “Proven on the Nurburgring” is sooooo 2008, isn’t it?

          1. Cadillac has jumped the shark. They could recover but they need to find a soul and a BMW wannabe it isn’t. I’ve never owned a Cadillac and probably never will. Now if they started making Saabs in the US and calling them Cadillacs, then that might be different. Saab has (had) a soul.

            Just a thought.

          2. We are tangled on language. By “a force” I mean that they are competitive, not necessarily that they’re on top by any stretch.

            As for ‘jumped the shark’ — hardly. They are beginning to feel their way into their position in the market and haven’t yet hit their full stride.

  2. Audi is getting the views more likely for tapping into the whole Twilight fanbase than for the car. Those that love Twilight will watch anything about young vampires and those that hate Twilight (and all the hoopla around it) think it is satirical commentary on Twilight. In the process, Audi gets lots of eyeballs viewing the commercial.

  3. What were they thinking with that Cadillac ad? It’s just saying “if you want a 3 series, buy a 3 series.”
    The car itself looks like a CTS in a carnival mirror. That means that they are copying themselves, copying some other car. It’s a low self-esteem car.

  4. Thanks for making it easy to view them all without the need to watch that silly game. 🙂

    Comment #500! – SW

  5. The Chrysler advert is interesting if a bit much.

    Perhaps the tag line should read:

    ‘Imported from Detriot. Financed from Italy’

    The Fiat 500 Abarth ad is far and away the best here.

    Griffin Up! Cuore Sportivo!

  6. I would suggest you move to Italy then and start working for Fiat. There are legions (:-) ) more in Northern Italy of those. Strangely, not so much in the mezzo giorno.

    I like the Optima ad. It turns so romantic.

    But in the end, too much life style, too little product substance with most of them. (The Cadillac ad at least has such product message, even though, well you know.)

    Incidently, that will be “Nordschleife” (North loop).

  7. ad was just creepy. Last thing l would want to do is use their site and sprout an annoying appendage.’s commercials may not try to be funny, but they effectively convey what their site does for you. I agree with Swade, Ford should come up with a “Dave” commercial of their own. Love the Abarth ad! But nothing would compare to seeing a new 900 ad…

  8. About Suzuki: it’s a good looking advert, but the car has no memorable features.

    They really need to step-up their North American offerings. Our version of the Swift is dull as dishwater, their midsize (the one in the ad) is bland, and they sell their SUV as if it were a crossover. It’s actually a real 4×4, like a Wrangler or a Discovery (aka LR4), but they try to sell it to the RAV4 crowd.

    That won’t work because it’s got poor ride and mileage compared to crossovers. On the other hand, it’s got great ride and mileage for an offroader, plus it look great, but I doubt the offroad crowd knows it exists.

    I was hoping that Suzuki would put in a bid for Saab. They complement each other very well in terms of geographic reach and market presence.

    1. Apparently you’ve not driven a Kizashi. It’s a very, very good car. Super stiff. If the one I rented had decent tires I would have loved flogging that thing.

      1. The Kizashi has had great reviews here in Oz, too, but I’ve never seen many on the road. I hope it goes well for them as I like Suzuki (always cheering the underdogs)

  9. What is the purpose of the new new Beetle? It doesn’t even look like a Beetle with that new aggressive posture. The old new Beetle at least looked like a Beetle. The old new Beetle is in Sweden bought/leased by females or small business companies orientated to -or owned by females that want something cute to put their company-logo on. This new new aggressive posturing Beetle has lost the girlishness but not gained enough boyishness for me to understand who will buy it. The Das Booring focus group might have a better clue than i have.

  10. The Chevy Sonic ad is what i like to call “advertising bureau poop”, the result of desperate and untalented brainstorming. I don’t know if they hired the actual guys from the youtube hit or if they are lookalikes. But one has to admire the effort to waste pianos and airtime seconds.

    Or this is brilliant and i’m to old to get it.

      1. Agreed! OK Go is art in the purest sense and they make it accessible to all. That’s brilliance, indeed.

        The Sonic? Who knows if it’s good? However, I can assure you that the ad scored with their intended demographic. In spades.

  11. I love the Camry reinvented Add. The guys know that the car is the most boring car on planet earth, so they forget about the car and start talking about more interesting things.

    And as well as I liked the Cady Ciel I also like the ATS Add, because it shows the true face of Cadillac. It is a little bit like “Do as I say and not as I do.” They say that they are the benchmark in their class, but they try to be like BMW.

  12. (A) Saab moves pretty fast. If you don’t look around you could miss it. OK, so I know it’s not original. (smile)

    Just a thought.

  13. The only adds that count are Saab adds! Orhers do not appeal to me and do not fit into the real swadeological thinking!

  14. OK, I may be in the minority here, but I thought that the Abarth spot was as safe and obvious as it comes in advertising. Equate the car to a woman and sell the woman.

    Again, this ad may appeal to their stated demographic (likely very young and very male), but it was very ho-hum to me.

    Re: the Bridgestone football advertisement: for those of you outside the US Football fandom, Troy Aikman (throwing the football) is obviously a famous retired quarterback and Deion Sanders (pitching a fit in red jersey after the catch) is a retired cornerback (defensive player), thus their respective reactions. The Bridgestone ‘scientist’ shown after the play is mocking the (in)famous Deion Sanders celebratory touchdown dance.

  15. Oh my God, where are the days connected driving had something to do with
    the well balanced connection between car, driver and the road ?
    Freude am Fahren instead of Freud calling with peep-tones.

    The 500-ad, I’m just smitten.
    Marchionne first steps to become a real Machiavelli.
    More of that, please.