New Koenigsegg website now online

Koenigsegg Website

That website work I mentioned a few days ago? It’s now online.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the good fortune of being able to work with the guys from Koenigsegg on their new website, which went live last night. They’ve launched the new site as a prelude to them unveiling some new 2013 product at the Geneva Motor Show next month. I’m currently working on the ‘shop’ section of the site, which will go live next Thursday (some excellent clothing and lifestyle products there, too).

My job was to take their content and change the occasional bit of “Swenglish” into some easier-to-read English. We did the odd complete re-write in places as well. I did a similar job for Auto Motor and Sport magazine in Sweden a few months ago, a Porsche magazine they were preparing for iPad.

The work was very satisfying, something I’d love to do more of, although all this reading and writing about Porsches and Koenigseggs has given me quite a drooling problem!

Check out the all-new They make the world’s craziest, most beautiful and most brutal hypercars and it’s been an absolute privilege for me to work with them.

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  1. Nice Swade. No doubt you would rather be working for a thriving Saab but since that sadly didn’t work out, it sure look like you are landing on you feet. It would be a loss to automotive reader everywhere were you to not “put the pen to the paper” on something you are so gifted at.

  2. I can’t take any credit for the site design. That was already done. It’s amazing what they did with it, too. It’s on WP, which I’m very familiar with, but I’ve never seen WP do the flips and twists they’ve managed to do here.

    1. I’ve got a URL and want to start blogging. For the life of me, though, I haven’t been able to crack the ins and outs of WP, even though I know it’s simple. You’ll just have to hop on an airplane and walk me through it.

  3. Lovely words and images for sure….great work Steve.

    Perhaps you could pass on some feedback to the site designer though.

    The site doesn’t play nicely when viewed on my iPhone browser… I’m not sure if Android or other mobile viewers are affected as well, but it is not a factor that can be ignored these days!

    I probably do around half of my total web browsing on my iPhone these days, on the train to work, waiting for my partner while shes trying on clothes in a fashion store, any time I have a few spare minutes really, and I see many other people doing the same each day.

    I often make a lot of impulse purchases while I’m on the go and browsing on the iPhone, especially when a site is well optimized and easy to navigate, making it a quick and easy decision for me to hit “BUY” and pop in some Paypal details.

    If I was at the Geneva Motor Show for example, I would have been walking around their stand and punching their web address into my phone.

    Just my two cents 🙂

  4. That’s excellent! What’s next?!

    Swade, I was driving a Volvo S40 (96-04) through some mountainous roads yesterday and I just wondered, have you driven this car? In T4 mode, it goes like a rocket and it’s pretty flat through the corners. I know Saab/Volvo people don’t seem to get on, but I think you should give it a whirl sometime..!

  5. Looks nice on a computer. Not tried it on my iPhone or her iPad.

    Needs a quick “find & replace” for American words or English words. Which does the site use? Or is there a different site for each of the two languages?

    On a cursory glance I found a “fiber” and a “fibre”.