First pics – Alfa Romeo GTV6

Alfa Romeo GTV6

I had a 4:30 start this morning to get a 6am flight. I’m reasonably knackered. We also ran out of light this evening.

Because of those two factors, I’ll have to save both the detailed description/explanation and the pretty pictures for later. All we have right now are some driveway shots. Sorry

Those who voted Alfa – nice guesswork.

Those who voted Viggen – one day, just not now. If there are any Aussies reading this who might be interested in a Viggen, check out the one on Carsales at the moment. The car looks fantastic and the seller, from my conversations with him, seems like a very genuine guy.

And yes, the GTV6 is absolutely fantastic. Everything works, and works beautifully.


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  1. OOOOOOOOOOhhhh it’s a series 3 GTV-6, just like the one I had. This has the black velour pinstripe recaros with the fixed head rests, and the all in one dash (the early GTV-6 didn’t have all the instruments in the same fact in the series ones, the driver just got a rev counter infront of him with everything else offset). Lucky Swade.

    Beware of vibration on the propshaft..the damn rubber donuts that are used to interconnect shafts were not upgraded (by the factory) from the original 1.3/1.6 engines used in other RWD Alfas. Prop runs at engine speed at all times on these cars because the gearbox is in the back. I wonder if somebody can supply them in poly instead of rubber.

    Swade if you get MUST put a sound track of this engine on the site!! Lucky sod.

  2. Congrats to your new car mate!

    I remember this model in the 80-thies when I was in my youth, all where red and sounded nice 🙂 In those days in Sweden Alfa was known for poor quality but extremely fun to drive, a true car for enthusiasts.. Hope it will run perfect, the engine was rebuild some time ago so that sounds good..

    All the best!

  3. I had one of those 5 years ago. I must warn you. There is a serios fault with it. The engine. You will not be able to turn it off. The sound is too beautiful to do something crazy as turning it off and leaving it on the parking lot! Man, I miss mine. Such a wonderful example this one seems!

  4. I can see why you chose the Alfa. It’s a beauty and Alfa’s go-o–o-o-o! Have fun!

  5. Congrats Swade, sorry we couldn’t catch up. Realise this would be the only chance to see the wheels short of going to Hobart. Oh hang on, when I get the Mini……

    Targa Time!!!!

  6. If that car was on the Top Gear Cool Wall, I believe it would be in ‘Sub Zero’. One of the coolest cars on the planet – for any money! Looks like a real tough guy!

    I was in the shed the other day and what did I find? The centre console from our Alfetta GTV! The car got scrapped back in the late 80’s, too far gone…Great to see yours. What kind of mileage is on it? Probably loads of little things you can do on it too, ideal weeked car 🙂

    Oh, and…can I have it?

  7. Curious. There appears to be a fag lighter where the ignition key should be??

    Nice choice, Steven, looks really good. Hope you have a full set of spanners, and a soldering iron though ;o)

  8. Well done, this was my hope for you. She is a hot one. Looking forward to many stories of adventure at your hands.

  9. Well done! Not the car that I’d seen advertised, but very close…..

    I vote for GTV, so I’m feeling a bit prescient today, perhaps I’ll fly to Vegas or at least drive to Metropolis, Illinois.

  10. So clean! I love the wheels, and great tape deck. 1980s all the way, baby! We’ll get cracking on that twin-turbo conversion… ; )

  11. Hey…. no Saab? I may have missed a few important posts in the last few weeks. Those seats look quite comfy. Are they as good as in a Saab?

  12. Just one word to describe it … Beautiful!

    Mrs Swade is going to be jealous of your new love. Enjoy and safe travels!

  13. Congratulations Mr Swade, excellent choice. You WILL love the car; one problem i see though that I’m sure you must’ve noticed by now…the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car. Once you get that fixed, it’ll be great! 😉

  14. Congratulations! Looks in fantastic shape!

    I agree with Eggs’ comments from a few days ago that it’s the right choice if for no reason because you’ve had a Viggen before + this greater expands your experience! Diversity is good: iirc, you said you have a 9000, so you still have a great Saab to drive. Many models of Saab are great fun, but we can’t own them all!



  15. Congratulations Steven. Good choice. Do enjoy!

    Nearly bought one myself back in 1980, but went with a 900 Turbo instead.

    Sole reason was due to a lack of a folding rear seat. Had two large dogs that traveled with us, and needed the convenience of the folding seat.

    The local dealer at the time was also a Ferrari dealer & restorer, and they said for about USD$1,000.00 dollars they could fashion a folding rear seat for me, but decided not to go that route. Never regretted it.

    Still waiting for the Alfa 159 Estate (or its newer version) to come to the US, however. Would dearly love to have one of them. 🙂

  16. I like it!

    All you need is a bumper sticker that says: “My other car is a Saab.” (smile)

    Keep Calm and Carry On.

  17. Very well done Steven! She’s beautiful – not out to prove anything like these newer cars on the road; simple quiet beauty. I’m very interested in hearing what you have on the menu for projects. I’ll keep my LHD Viggen in good shape so that you can buy it in the future. …although you might have to fight my daughter for it – she’s a 10-year old who thinks I’m merely a steward for her future car.

  18. Congratulations on the new purchase. So this was the car all along? Engine re-build a few years ago? The Megane was clearly a smoke screen, as was the ‘all 3 cars are in Sydney’ bit! It does look pretty even in the driveway, just think how much prettier it will look in YOUR driveway. Nice car for a 3 hour dash to Strahan.
    Don’t forget to take some good detail photo’s of your friend’s 9000 for all us Saab tragics still tuned in.

  19. WOWee that’s a beautiful car. I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures with this gorgeous Alfa.

  20. Well Done!!
    I can feel a trip to the Huon Valley coming on.
    That road is MADE to be driven by a V6.
    Pump up the tyres to 40psi and pop in some decent fuel and off you go…

  21. Looks great , and I hope it drives as well , good choise ( tho I was a SAAB guy ) . Glade you made a choise of a car that isn’t done by commity . Be well

  22. *sigh* Now you’ve done it, Steven. I find myself browsing through the Alfa ads on the Bay of e and doing some serious thinking. One question, though: In your first photo what is the function of the toggle switch behind the cigarette lighter? It doesn’t appear to be labeled in the photo.

    Congratulations! It looks to be a fantastic ride.

  23. My work on detailing the engine bay of my latest purchase is punctuated by trips to the keyboard to check in on your progress. Hope it’s all going swimmingly.

  24. OK, so there are NO GTV6s for sale anywhere in Aus. I’ve been trawling.
    Looks like you have the last one! And Why is this car so immaculate?

  25. Nice action shot from Flickr


  26. I love my Viggen because there are maybe 65 left in the U.S. with the same configuration (paint, 3 door, leather inserts, etc.), among the more obvious reasons. Your Alfa exudes exactly the same spirit, if not moreso. Congrats.