There are lines that even Porsche shouldn’t cross….. Cayenne GTS

Some say the Cayenne itself is a bridge too far for Porsche. I disagree.

But that green on a Cayenne? Silk purse, sow’s ear. And failing.

I’m sure it’s a remarkable piece of machinery, but you’ve still got to present it tastefully, don’t you? I’m all for more vibrant color palettes on vehicles but a vehicle’s got to have a certain tone, a certain character. I’m just not sure that Kermit Green and a Cayenne go together.

The bit where he takes those low profile tyres ‘off-road’ and on to some loose gravel at the end of the clip is a nice touch. That’s quite possibly the only bit of non-road driving a Cayenne GTS will see anywhere in the world.

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  1. I saw the exact same color scheme (including the black wheels and trim) on a Maserati in Louisville, Kentucky a couple of months ago. The color didn’t look good on that car, either.

    It’s just too playful for the Cayenne. I own a pair of running shoes trimmed in neon green, but I’d never own a pair of dress shoes in that color. I think that’s the parallel. The color works on a Dodge Charger, VW Golf (or Beetle) or a Fiat 500, but not on the Cayenne.

  2. That’s a Saab color if ever I saw one! But you’re right Swade, something is just not right here.

  3. Perhaps if you kiss the (kermit green cayenne) frog it will turn into a beautiful…

    …evoque? 😀

  4. I am colorblind but somehow I like this green tone especially when green is my least favorite color on a car. It must be the black wheels. I was one of those who liked the lime green 9-3 convertible.

    1. I’m not the least bit color blind, but that lime green 9-3 convertible is my favorite Saab color. Saab needs to bring colors back if they ever get the chance again. Just doesn’t look right on the Cayenne though, kinda like eggsngrits reasoned.

  5. I also liked the driving close to the edge of the shoulder and the splash in the “Lake”… Yep – it convinced me that the Cayenne was an off-roader. Yep. Sure.
    Had the Cayenne changed colors every time it came out of a tunnel, it would have been pretty neat commercial. Green Cayenne goes through a waterfall, and comes out fire engine red… Goes into a tunnel, and comes out Dark Grey, etc.

  6. Probably about the only way a Cayenne will ever be considered a “green car”. 🙂 But if a Cayenne was going to go green, wouldn’t they have picked jalapeno green?

  7. Isn’t that the 911 RS green from 1974 or so? Also looks close to the green of some Saab 99s to me.
    I’m pretty sure a Porsche-tragic would call it a heritage colour: maybe some Saabisti too, but that doesnt make it pretty. Striking at best.

  8. Similar green to the the Cayman R as well.
    Not a pretty car in any colour I’m afraid. No doubt it covers miles very quickly and comfortably. Official fuel use just over 10l/100km….my foot.

  9. I actually think the colour suits it quite well. It looks to be a mica type finish, (one of those that adopts a different shade when viewed from different angles). The contrasting black is complementary.
    However I’m not an SUV/4WD fan at the best of times and I don’t really understand the marketing approach in this clip: Why anyone with that kind of disposable cash would choose such a vehicle over a proper grand tourer (read ‘car’), for driving on those sorts of roads is beyond me – especially as the sole occupant of the vehicle. I suppose we’re meant to believe he just dropped off the wife, kids, dog and speed boat at the in-laws and has gone off for a bit of fun on his own or sthg similarly cheesey.

  10. An acquaintance of mine drives a Cayenne Turbo S on logging roads here in Canada. He’s swapped-out the low profile tires for something with a little less rim and more rubber.

  11. The color is one thing, didn’t anybody notice the bla rear of this car? The old Cayenne looked very much like a Toureg to me and now this is more a mismatch of a Beetle crossed with a Tiguan on steroids.

    I understand the need to update styles, but sometimes a style is authentic, such as the 1999-2001 9-5 wagon (not the years 2006-2010, but yes to 2012) or a classic 911. I can’t say much about what’s underneath, not enough knowledge, so I would go for design and this one just doesn’t do it.

    Anyway, for this kind of money, one would probably pick a different color. I do like a lime green monkey though.

  12. Probably just to overcome the fact that the Cayenne is just so passe these days. I’m seeing more of them in the poorer suburbs.

  13. Having watched it in full, its a shame that Porsche allowed so much of the footage to be manipulated and frankly, over-produced. Why speed up the action for instance? Or over-dub the exhaust note? Cheapens everything.

    The Cayenne (along with the X5) is what I call a Swiss-Army-Knife car. Good at many things, great at none. Useful but not the right tool for anything – unless you consider the range of utility as the key feature. If you want a Swiss-Army Knife then it probably works but its a poor choice as a sports car or proper 4WD. Immensely capable but specced to compromise.

  14. Quite funny though, considering the average demographics of SUV drivers, as over cautious, rather slow drivers. Hockey moms etc. And I bet that the demonstration shown could not be performed in real life without refuelling.

  15. Ah, and am I right that at about 2:10, the speedmeter shows 149 km/h? Right after that scene that evidently shows an Italien motorway? Interesting…

  16. Things that are acceptable in lime green:
    – Stuffed plush toys for small children;
    – M&M’s;
    – Gummi Bears;
    – Polo shirts for average sized men (no beer bellies);
    – Summer skirts/dresses for women;
    – Running shoes, even shorts;
    – Lady Gaga’s hair (the color changes day to day);
    – Retro kitchen appliances/kitchenware;
    – Jell-0 molds;
    – etc.
    Note: Porsche’s Cayenne GTS in lime green gets a big “ewwwww” from me, even if the paint has a lustrous mica-like finish. With its black front grille, a less than attractive feature on all Cayennes IMHO, a Cayenne in lime green, to my eyes, almost looks as if it’s a large, dangerous tropical fish with a mouth that’s always open, gaping and ravenous.