Call for submissions – The best car you’ve ever owned

My post from yesterday – Subjective Question: What’s the best car you’ve ever owned – yielded some absolutely wonderful stories about people and their cars. Your stories spoke of the type of car culture that I worry about losing given the current generation of kids and their preference for smartphones over a set of smart wheels.

Thanks so much for your responses.

I think it’d be great if some of you could share a bit more about your favourite car. I’d love to see some photos and read some of the stories in greater depth.

So, if you’d care to share a little more, I’d be happy to receive your photos and stories for publication here on the site.

If you’ve only got old film-based photos, you can either scan them or take digital copies. You’ll be amazed at the reproductions you can get from a digital camera, or even just a phone, nowadays. This photo of my grandmother and my dad was taken with my SonyEricsson Xperia and is a carbon copy of the paper photo. You might even find it’s a good opportunity to digitise some of your paper-based pics.

I’m always interested to hear the virtues of cars I’d otherwise overlook. Being a habitual used car buyer, stories like these are always good fuel for a few hours searching the classifieds.

And some of the stories are great, too. I’m really hoping Jimmy has some pics of that old $100 Chevy Caprice on one of it’s 3 cross-continent road trips.

So, if you’ve got a mind for sharing, please get some pics organised and a few stories about your favourite. My email address hasn’t changed – swade99-at-gmaildotcom – so please send your stuff in and let’s share the love.

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  1. Its a bit of a shortlist as while I have driven a number of different cars, I have only ever owned two. And as I am discovering as I look at other cars, I am quite attached to my current car of the last 10 years.
    It is a 1997 Saab 900S Coupe. It is ageing, but then again so am I. I’ve been looking at a replacement car and well the choice has been fairly limited.
    The German cars don’t excite me and their owners always strike me as unhappy and aggressive.
    Japanese cars again are somewhat unappealing – they have made some truly dull and ugly cars – and the UK car brands have now largely disappeared.
    So I have found myself looking at Saabs. The secondhand prices of Saabs in the UK have collapsed so in many ways there is no better time to buy, I have tried a few 9-3 HOT Aero convertibles with mixed feelings and have looked at the later 9-3 but have decided to keep the money in the bank and keep enjoying my 900, for the time being.
    I’m sure there will come a time when I will trade it in but I can also see that I may just keep fixing it and enjoying it – the thought of trading it in and it disappearing to be scrapped would be unbearable – I wish I could have got my 900 for my first car as its current value is far less than the rough Renault 19 I bought instead.
    To be fair in 10 years it has never broken down or failed to start so hopefully it will have plenty more miles left.

  2. Definitvely the 1st gen 9-3 SE, mine is a TiD from 2000, still running. And compared to the joint running more recent 9-5 TiD it is not quite good at fuel consumption, but even with less power and torque still fun to drive.

    2nd gen Golf in a GTD-version from the early nineties wasn’t bad either. But memories are blurred somehow in the mist of times. In the end the head-gasket was gone and the cost of replacement was higher than the value of the car. Hopefully that doesn’t apply to the Saab. Helas, 2nd hand Saabs of that period cost less and less every week…

    The 1st gen 900 (convertible) in a rather humble i-16-disguise comes close to the Best car ever-nomination. Even more preferable than the 9-3, but not that versatile. So title of best car goes (as far as today) in my opinion to the 9-3.