Giro d’italia 2012: a Canadian Triumph

Last Sunday in Milan, Ryder Hesjedal of the Garmin Barracuda Pro Cycling Team won this years Giro D’Italia (Tour of Italy).  After three weeks of racing around Denmark (!) and Italy, he pipped Joaquim Rodriguez by seconds to win the General Classification.  Those of you who are cyclists or follow the pro tour will already know the story, for everyone else – take a look at or where things are documented in pretty much any way you care to choose.  

This piece from velonews is a nice summary.

I won’t try to re-write any of the excellent coverage that exists there and elswhere on the interweb but there is one small point I’d like to focus on: Not only was it the first win for a Canadian in any of the Grand Tours (Spain and France being the other two) but he did it on a Canadian bike, a Cervelo.

I tried to capture my love for Cervelo here on Swadeology a while ago and I’ll spare you any further raptures but Ryder’s win is a nice piece of symmetry that I couldn’t let pass.  Cervelo has a Dutch majority owner these days thanks to a recent change in ownership but it is an inherently Canadian business that started from scratch in Toronto and grew into a global powerhouse with its bikes ridden by to wins by some of the greatest cyclists in the world. Even so, as another well known cyclist famously said; its not about the bike.

Well done Ryder, well done Phil & Gerard at Cervelo.

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  1. A great win for the non-europeans! I’ve been considering a new bike also, narrowed down to a cervelo, a scott, and a pinarello. Whichever fits best!

    What is more interesting for me is the success of the aussie team, green edge. Havinbg a few stage wins in the Giro, down here in aus, and in the california?? road races. They’re in the tour, I’m on holidays. Can’t loose!

  2. A Skoda in the background… Hmmm…. lol

    Have to feel a wee bit proud since Ryder’s got what looks like a Norwegian surname… Not that I’m Norwegian but I do like Norway. (Hi Rune 😉 )
    And yeah well Ryder is close enough to My surname Ryner. haha