Mini sets new Guinness parking record in China

Given Saab’s new potential (at least in part) Chinese ownership, I’m trying to open my mind to the possibility that the Chinese can be cool, even if it seems like China is on a completely different planet.

I’ve seen a few amazing China articles in the last week. This one in particular will absolutely blow your mind: Trendwatching – Made Better in China

And here’s a bit of fun for you. It’s yet another brilliant piece of fun marketing by Mini – two guys going head to head to set a new world record for ‘parallel’ parking. Watch and learn.

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  1. Awesome, just what Mrs Turbs and I were talking about a couple of days ago! My boys love it. Also fuels my JCW lust.

    1. Should be mandatory for a kid getting their P’s, I reckon. If you end up getting that Mini, Jase, I expect some film of the young Turbs’ practising their new skills.

  2. The video would have been more compelling if they also showed the failed attempts.

    1. This is BMW we’re talking about, there were no failed attempts ( they just decided to stop at 16cm because that was ridiculous enough…)

  3. Looks like parkings in Hamburg or Paris… But then all cars are dented 😉

  4. So did they forklift the record-setting car out each time so they wouldn’t have to reset the “car cones”? Or did they just move and then re-park one of the “cones”?