Maptun upgrades at Swedish Car Day (State of Nine)

I just got my regular State of Nine email in the inbox and noted that Dan is going to be at Swedish Car Day this weekend doing some work for Maptun.

This brings together some of my favourite Saaby people all in the one place. Both Maptun and State of Nine were sponsors of mine at SU. More than that, though, both companies are run by dedicated Saab nuts who just happen to be fantastic blokes, as well. I’ve met both Dan (State of Nine) and Fredrik (Maptun) on numerous occasions and the reason they’ve both been successful in the Saab aftermarket business for such a long time is twofold: they offer great stuff, and they’re great people.

And of course, Swedish Car Day, which is run by one of the best Saab guys on the planet – Pierre Belperron – is one of the best Saab gatherings I’ve had the pleasure of attending.

So whilst I no longer have any sponsorship dealings with anyone whatsoever, I’m happy to point out to those who aren’t aware, that State of Nine will be doing on-site tuning of Saab vehicles at Swedish Car Day using Maptun performance software.

There’s a few different offers on the table.

You can currently get $150 off the regular price of a Stage 1 tune. That offer lasts until Monday night (27 August).

You can also pre-order a custom tune and get it done at Swedish Car Day. State of Nine will have a specialist on site to get the job done right.

I had Maptun tuning on my 1999 Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo and I can tell you, hand on heart, that this is a first class product. If you’ve been interested in getting a little more out of your Saab and you’re in the area, then make some plans to attend Swedish Car Day and check out what State of Nine and Maptun have got to offer for the day. You won’t be disappointed in the change it makes to your Saab.

Older Saabs might need an ECU swap (like my T5 Monte did) but newer ones get the quick upgrade via the Maptuner box. How quick is it? Check the video I made a few years ago….. amazing.


This post was not solicited in any way. In fact, neither Dan, Fredrik or Pierre had any idea it was coming. I just like all three of them and am happy to show off what they’re doing.

Have a great weekend, guys.

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  1. Swade, Now thats it’s been a few years since the Maptun upgrade, has there been any issues with the car related to the Maptun?

    1. I haven’t seen John in a while. He’s been travelling a bit and our paths haven’t crossed. I’ve still seen his car around, occasionally, however. Last time I saw him – 3 or 4 moths ago – he was still very happy with the car and didn’t mentioning anything issues-related at all. I’d have to see him and ask specifically to give you a more focused answer, though.

  2. Maptuner: Saab 9-3 Aero by swade99 is on my iPhone in YouTube Favorites. I’ve been waiting for the 4 year/50,000 mile US warranty to end. (soon)

    How does the Tuner affect gas mileage? Any affects on how the Saab service mechanics do their job – like confusion on the car settings? Will the mechanics understand that the car has been Maptuned? If the battery goes dead and needs replacement any problems?

    I have been taking a if it ain’t broke don’t fix it approach with my Saabs recently. Is this an opportunity that I should not pass up just for the sure joy of the experience?

    Are their additional Maptuner advantages that everyone should know about?

    1. Advantage–you push the pedal on the right and you go faster than before.

      Disadvantage–none. In my time at Charles River we did a fair number of tunes and we never had one single complaint, even from those prone to finding something to complain about. In fact, we got repeated raves.

      The MapTun is invisible and makes no difference to a technician. If you can resist the temptation to squeeze the throttle, fuel consumption is not affected (though there are anecdotal accounts of consumption decreasing). Stage 1 tuning is mild enough that there is no risk of breaking anything in your car, yet it is strong enough to make you smile.

  3. I must say I did a stage one upgrade on my TurboX sport combi and the low end torque has improved a lot. I did have to replace the older Ignition coils and was aware of that problem before I installed the Maptun upgrade. Happy camper.

  4. I saw the same e-mail and thought that it was a genius marketing plan to get some new customers using Maptun.

    Unfortunately, my 1999 9-5 falls into that category of ‘old and needs the ECU upgrade’ which means that the tuning would exceed the value of the car! I’ll have to bide my time.

  5. I have the stage one on my 9-3 Aero 2.0 2005 for some time now and it works just great. Have just upgraded the software in the Maptuner box (not the car software) and it is just as easy to use as before.