Swedish Car Day 2012 – Boston USA

Next weekend will see the thirteenth – and final – Swedish Car Day run by my mate Pierre Belperron on behalf of the Village Auto Group and what used to be Charles River Saab.

Pierre was kind enough to invite me to the 2010 Swedish Car Day and I can testify to it being an absolutely outstanding event. There are always plenty of fantastic Saabs on hand and quite a few Volvos as well (if you’re into that sort of thing 🙂 ).

The 2012 Swedish Car Day will be held at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Mass. As you can see from the photo, the Larz Anderson is an amazing venue and a fitting place for such a distinctive gathering of vehicles.

As well as its regular exhibits, the Museum is currently holding an exhibition of British vehicles to celebrate the appreciation American soldiers developed for them when stationed across the pond during World War II. So if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll get double the pleasure from your visit.

Pierre has been the driving force behind Swedish Car Day since its inception. He’s running this year’s event, too, even though he’s now changed employers and is working for a Suuby dealership in New Hampshire. That’s how much this day means to him. Of course, the hosts for the event are still the Village Auto Group, which in part comprises Charles River Saab, Volvo Village of Norwell and Boston Volvo Village.

With Pierre now working elsewhere, it’s unknown – some might even say doubtful – that there will be a Swedish Car Day XIV. This could be your last chance to attend this event, as well as being your last chance to support Pierre and the incredible service he’s given Saab owners in the north east over an extended period of time.

The SCD I attended back in 2010 was a magic day with over 200 vehicles in attendance, the most wonderful people and hospitality and absolutely perfect weather. I can’t promise the last one, but I know the cars and the people attending will be first class.

I really hope that all Saab owners in the north-east have got Swedish Car Day 2012 in your diary. My only regret is that I can’t be there myself to share in the fun, and see off Pierre’s tenure in style.

Swedish Car Day 2012 is on next Sunday, August 26.

You can register at the Swedish Car Day website. There’s also a Swedish Car Day page on Facebook, and while you’re surfing, check out the page for the Larz Anderson Auto Museum as well.

Here’s a fun little preview video from the 2011 event. I’m pretty sure I spotted Jim Coggs’ Saab Sonett III in there!

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  1. Very sad about the Swedish Car Day changes but I’m happy that Pierre found a new gig so ‘close to home’ in geography and philosophy. Bittersweet.

  2. Yes, ’tis sad to see this end of an era. The SAAB spirit will continue to live on with its faithful fans & owners. I still give pause to savor the viweing of a SAAB while one drives by or I see one in a parking lot…

  3. It will certainly be a great event. I wish I’d thought of it when I was planning my annual visit to Boston.

  4. As I catch up at this site, I’ll chime in and mention that I made it to the 2012 SCD and can say Pierre went out on top! The usual large crowd completely covered the lawn and the weather was probably the best of all the 13 events. Blue sky, low humidity, a little breeze and temps starting in the 60s, rising to just over 80 (F).

    Pierre was the featured speaker late morning inside the museum. He recapped the start of the event in 2000 and mentioned many milestone events along the way, including Swade’s attendance in 2010.

    It was great to see long-time friends, including those who worked at Charles River Saab that get to continue their employment to provide parts and service to Saab owners in the region. On a related note, my wife won her turn at the raffle goodies and got to choose a CRS light jacket in my size! The style and function of the jacket was something I needed and having the CRS logo and “since 1957” on the front made it a special memento of this time in the Saab community’s life.

    Lots of neat cars to see (and with a People’s Choice ballot to fill, you get to see them all). My special moments were related to my first Saab a 1984 900. A rally car on display was bulit on a 1984 body and in the 99 cateogory a 1984 99 in Azure Blue was on the field – the same color as my 900. The surprise find was a Sonett II (V-4) turbo that was considered the best integrated install seen by Sonett aficionados.

    Pierre is in discussion with (unmentioned) folks about continuing the SCD tradition in the future so there is hope for this event to live on!