Tragic killing at East of Sweden

Some very sad Saab community news from Colorado today.

Whilst I’ve heard of the place, I can’t say I know the people at Saab indy repair shop, East of Sweden. I’m still feeling terrible for them today, however.

It seems a 62 year old man (a Saab 9000 owner) went there with an explosive device in his car and a gun in his hand. He’s alleged to have used the gun to shoot 56 year old employee, Mary McGrath, killing her. Police removed and detonated the explosive device safely.

You’d think that by age 62, a guy would have gathered enough life experience to know that whatever your grievance, it can be worked out and the sun would still come up tomorrow. Sadly, for Ms McGrath, that won’t be the case now.

It’s a sad day for Saab people.

via Jalopnik.

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  1. I heard about this earlier too and working in the same industry, it’s scary to think this can happen. I clicked the link you have here to Jalopnik and the one comment there so far, I just don’t get it, Someone has died here and the commenter feels the need to throw a jab at SAAB???? Really? I feel for everyone that worked with and knew Mary, beyond sad.

    1. I read that comment, too, Jason. I was gobsmacked. I guess Jalopnik’s one of those sites where everyone feels like they’re auditioning for Comedy Central.

      1. I guess, just strange that even when someone is murdered they feel the need to make a stupid joke. I have read comments today from customers of theirs who thought the world of Mary and the shop itself and it should not be something to try to make light of. I know you’re not, I’m talking about the comment on Jalopnik. I shouldn’t get worked up but I truly feel that anyone in this industry and working within the Saab world is an extension of all of us. Even people she ordered parts from have said how great this lady was, I am deeply saddened that this happened.

    1. Yes. Good luck spending the rest of his life in prison.
      That area north of Denver is (was) known to be one of the best places to liv in the world. What’s going on over there?

      If life was so bad for this individual he should have used the gun on himself instead of an innocent person. I’m shocked if the motive had anything to do with not ”being happy” about something on a 15 year old car.
      My sincere condolences to the family of Mary McGrath.

  2. My condolance to her family and all who knew her ,and worked by her side , such a sad state of any blame being set to a car because of a mad man.

  3. Horrifying. I just don’t understand this culture we seem to have now of sorting problems out with violence.

    My condolences to the poor ladies family.

  4. Good folks at the East of Sweden. They helped me with some very difficult to source parts for my 1988 C900 ‘vert. I paid a little more, but they were worth it.

    I also lived in that area while I was in the Air Force back in the 1980’s, and I must say that I’ve been surprised and not surprised at the same time with the violence there. It’s a strange mix of people — some go to Colorado for the wide-open spaces and solitude, while others go for the communal feel of the towns along the front range of the Rockies. The two groups of people live in tension with each other at times. That’s the only way that I can make sense of their singular misfortune with the planned attacks in the Aurora cinema, Obama re-election office, East of Sweden and, the granddaddy of the high-school shootings, Columbine. More than one metro area should have endured, certainly.

    1. Dang, I had an internet issue and didn’t copy all of the post over. the first paragraph should read:

      I can’t imagine the grief for this woman. Certainly, my heart goes out to those she left behind.