Red Bull Stratos – Felix Baumgartner’s space jump from 128,000 feet.

The Red Bull Stratos jump happened while Australia was asleep, so if you’re an Aussie and missed it, here’s the jump itself from start to finish. The video goes for 14 minutes.

If you were lucky enough to see it live, you might want to watch it again.

I’ve never skydived. I can’t even imagine the fear or exhilaration Felix Baumgartner must have felt. But you don’t have to know how it feels in order to know that what he did today was absolutely amazing.

Congratulations to all concerned.

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    1. Indeed it was I was able to watch it live , it was like watching a live rocket lanch but the rocket was a single human , Wow ! just Wow….

  1. I saw clips on the tv network news in the US yesterday, including a brief flat spin that potentially threatened a safe landing. This feat was beyond anything that I could have ever imagined. As someone who is terrified of heights , I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around what drives someone to do what Baumbgartner did. Or how he felt when he took that first step. Regardless, it’s a massive accomplishment.

    Kudos all of the way around.

  2. Amazing indeed.
    But I can’t stop myself thinking that the Kittinger jump was far amazing.
    I remember preciselly where I was when I first saw it, for me it was one of those moments. I was speechless.

  3. wow! great shots of sunny New Mexico, this is what the Aliens saw in 1947 when they came to visit Roswell.
    Congrats to Felix, it takes a lot of courage to do a jump like that.

  4. Unreal! Must be the closest feeling to what the astronauts feel on launch…as in….”well….here goes….I hope this works…”

  5. That was pretty special. Hopefully there will be a documentary about it sooner or later. Good publicity for Zenith. Funny how the watch makers always jump on board for these type of events. Wonder if Breitling will now send Richard Branson up there in a balloon with Yves Rossi and his flying suit? (Did you see ‘Flying man versus rally car’ from the same episode of Top Gear as the SAAB feature, earlier this year?)