Global car sales at 80.9 million vehicles – where do we put them all?

I used to analyse sales data all the time for Saab sales but this is the first time I’ve ever taken note of global vehicle sales. We buy a heck of a lot of cars, you know?

blue-growth-chartGlobal vehicle sales hit 80.9 million in 2012.

That figure included a 6% rise in China, a 13.5% rise in the US and a whopping 27% rise in Japan. Alarmingly, it also included a 8.6% fall in recession-hit Western Europe so that number could have been way bigger.

Some other interesting factoids:

  • India is still in the ‘other’ category. That could be because they’re late reporting and get an estimate, or it could be because the Indian market doesn’t warrant an individual listing yet. When India’s car fetish takes hold, look out.
  • In case you were wondering where the world’s largest car market is……. China saw nearly 5 million more vehicle sales than the US. 19.1 million vs 14.4 million.
  • Global sales rose by 5.2% in 2012.

In other news…..

GM are said to have finished 2012 with sales only a couple of hundred thousand units in front of Volkswagen Group. At their respective rates of growth, VW is expected to claim the mantle of world #2 from GM in 2013.

No-one’s expected to catch Toyota, though, who stayed as world #1 after recovering from various natural and unnatural disasters over the last couple of years.

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  1. The statistic that boggles my mind is china. Those 19 million sales are for the most part not replacing 19 million cars that went to the scrapyard, as is the case in the west , they are adding to the overall Chinese vehicle fleet.

    Unless they are building roads at a similar furious pace, their gridlock must be getting worse and worse, we already know pollution is scary, and finally, all those vehicles need fuel…..

    1. Indeed. Wasn’t there a report a year ago or more about a traffic jam that had people stationary for days, if not weeks.
      I can see why the chinese government want electric cars. 🙂

      1. But if you are stationary for days in traffic….how do you recharge your electric car? 😉