Inside Koenigsegg – Carbon Fibre

Episode 1 of the Inside Koenigsegg series is now online.

I can’t say enough about how much I admire Christian von Koenigsegg and his company’s work. This first episode gives you a small insight into building carbon fibre parts for Koenigsegg cars.

Listen close and you might begin to appreciate the level of detail that goes into designing, engineering and then making these parts. Nothing is accidental. Everything is measured, weighed and optimised. It’s amazing stuff. Consider that regular car companies have hundreds or thousands of people to do this stuff, yet Koenigsegg do pretty much all their design and engineering in-house.

It really is car-making on a completely different level from all but a tiny handful of manufacturers.


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  1. That was very interesting. I’d like to see how he makes body parts next time.

    This video looks vaguely familiar. Did he do an interview about carbon fibre before?

  2. Yes, we would not want any of these parts to become “unnecessarily” expensive. 🙂 Wow!

    And I thought sometimes it is hard to obtain a particular part for a Saab! I guess if you can afford a Koenigsegg car you can afford to call them up and ask them to make you a new carbon fiber part for your car.

  3. I love how open he is about the whole process – my respect for Christian really goes up with every video. I watched another video too (maybe was posted here?) when he talks about the door hinges. They put in some extra thought to make it easier for the use – I think Christian designed it actually – but its ‘going the extra mile’ mentality that I like.

    If I was a billionaire and wanted a nice car, these would be at the top of my list – far higher than any contrived Bugatti/sooped-up-VW things.

    Love the ghost story too.

  4. Loved this video.

    It’s the funny ironic little details like the 1980s beatbox sitting on the workman’s desk, where he is making cutting-edge 21st-century parts, that really make it for me. It says “this is authentic craftsmanship, people”.

    God, just think if KSegg had been able to buy Saab.