2013 Saab Festival celebrates Saab Sport and Rally

There’s a Saab Festival again this year!!! Wish I could go, but we have some other family priorities this year that preclude halfway-round-the-world travel.

For those who CAN be there, prepare yourselves for a celebration of Saab’s sporting heritage. The theme for this year’s festival was announced by Saab Museum director and festival co-ordinator, Peter Backstrom, earlier this week:

Saab Sport and Rally logoThe work with the Saabfestival 2013 is progressing and we are happy to communicate that the theme will be Saab Sport & Rally!

Remember the orange tuning manual from the 1970’s for your Saab V4? Whether you raced or rallied your Saab or just simply improved it to be a lookalike of the cars that Stig Blomqvist, Per Eklund or Simo Lampinen drove, the Saab Sport & Rally assortment was available through your local Saab dealer.

This theme will suit the old school tuners (camshafts, carburettors, machining of cylinder heads…) as well as the new generation with their 9-3 and 9-5’s (turbochargers, software changes, 3 inch exhaust systems…….)!

How did you improve your Saab?

Show us at The Saab Festival 2013!

The Saab Festival always has its fair share of tuners present but hopefully this deliberate choice of celebrating Saab tuning will bring out even more of them.

For the youngsters with their Maptuned 9-3’s it’ll be a chance to see some of the older V4s and two strokes both on display and in action. Hopefully there will be a track day at Kinnekulle so that owners can really throw those old cars around. There’s nothing quite like a screaming Saab 96 going sideways through a bend.

And for those old-timers, hopefully they’ll gain an appreciation for some of the work done on more modern Saabs, too.

This is my favourite little video from Kinnekulle – an exquisite and quite modified early Saab 99. I know this is neither and old V4 or a new power-chipped modern Saab. The 99 lies squarely in between those two but it IS a point of focus in the Saab Sport and Rally catalog. In fact, this 99, with it’s 16V Turbo engine, doesn’t take second place to anybody, as you’ll see.

Note – This video was shot in 2007 and I didn’t know who owned the car back then. I do now. He’s the brother of the owner of Speedparts and it turns out both brothers have 16V 99s 🙂

The Saab Festival will be held in Trollhattan, from May 31st to June 2nd.


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  1. MSS / Jack Lawerance of New York state USA was/is the best for tuning V-4’s and 99’s he raced a Sonnett 3 that the SCCA effectly ruled illeagl only because of 15 ” wheels . I still have a lot to learn after spending a lot of time with him .

  2. Would be THE highlight for me ( and sooooo many others ) to meet you at the Trollhattan Festival in may/june…..any possibility to change your mind ? 🙂
    Christine/germany/free 🙂