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It’s time for episode 5 in the Inside Koenigsegg series.

This episode features the man with one of the best jobs in the world – Robert Serwanski. He’s Koenigsegg’s test driver, the man who fine tunes every car before it leaves the factory to be with its owner.

Robert gives a wonderful overview of what’s involved with the final preparation of the car. It’s incredibly detailed and remember, he does this for every car that leaves the Koenigsegg factory. This is the sort of attention to detail that a Koenigsegg owner’s money buys.

Enjoy the film.


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  1. For many people, Robert Serwanski has the best job in the world.
    I know, I won’t be able to even buy a wheel of a K’segg car, but it is good to know, that people spend time to build the best car in the world.

    Love the Phantom!!!

  2. The more I see these Koenigsegg videos the more I want one. The pride and perfection is something you can feel. It’s a car for fanatics not unlike SAAB owners. This video mentioned a lot about the gearbox and I would like to know more details about what’s in it and what kind of clutch it has?

    They have produced a hundred cars now but because of privacy we will probably never know about what kind of people buy and own these remarkable machines.

  3. He says it is an easy to drive car for even your grandmother, but it takes an experienced driver to get the most out of the Agera R. I would love the opportunity to gain that experience in an Agera R. 🙂

    I don’t think I have ever been as jealous of someone else’s job as I am of Mr. Serwanski’s job. He says at the end that it is important to have fun. Indeed!

  4. is it just me or do the Koenigsegg cars have a wrap-around windscreen which has a hint of older Saabs about it?
    Wonderful series Swade.