My mate Tom in Auto Motor and Sport

I’m so happy today for the good fortune of a mate of mine.

It’s Thursday here in Australia but for most of today it’s been Wednesday in Sweden. Auto Motor and Sport magazines have been arriving in subscriber’s mailboxes around Sweden and in this new edition is an article by Tom Ryner, a good mate of mine.



Tom’s a long-time Saab fan and I’ve known him and his wife Carola for a while now. Regular readers of TS and SU would know him as Tompa. He’s been battling some health issues for the last few years and this opportunity to work at Auto Motor and Sport couldn’t have happened at a better time, and couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

Anyone reading this from Sweden should get out to their news stands and pick up the new issue of AMS. I know a few of the guys who work there and I’ve even done a little editing work for them from time to time. They’re all great guys and they do fantastic work. Tom couldn’t be doing this ‘apprenticeship’ with a better crew and they’ve got a genuine pearl in him.

Don’t think of me as being sad at how life is because I’m not, but the most fulfilling years of my working life were 2009-2011 writing about and eventually working for Saab. Life hasn’t quite been the same since in a vocational sense and I’d love to get an opportunity like the one Tom has now. The automotive industry is an exciting, wonderful place to work and I’m sure he’s going to have a ball.

Congratulations, mate.

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  1. Hey Tom! Congrats on the article – I’m going to check it out with my friend google – should be entertaining! Great to hear you are doing something fun. Take Care, and good luck !