Saab Spirit Lives On at the Simeone Automotive Museum

The Saab Spirit Lives On exhibition at the Simeone Automotive Museum got underway over the weekend.

This exhibition features cars owned by Saab collector Bill Jacobson, from Delaware. Bill’s owned a number of these cars for a considerable time, however he also picked up a number of cars sold from the Heritage Collection following Saab’s bankruptcy. Click here for the full list of cars on display.

Allan H was there and sent along the following photos and thoughts from the opening. Thanks, Allan!


Dr Simeone must have been pleased – It was announced during the dinner that this was the highest turnout in the history of the museum for an event opening.

Both John Moss and Time Colbeck made fantastic presentations during the dinner. Tim spoke of his recent times with Saab and his initial interview with Victor Muller for the top job in the US. The interview was held via Skype, with Victor’s infant son in attendance at times 🙂 The dedication and drive of Muller was quite evident in Colbeck’s speech.

John Moss gave some behind-the-scenes insights into Saab’s beginnings – how UrSaab used various parts scavenged from other vehicles, stories of personal moose tests and other things.

It was all very entertaining and the vehicles’ owner, Bill Jacobson, was a very approachable man, happy to talk for some considerable time. A gentleman.


Saab Spirit Live On
Simeone Automotive Museum
6825 Norwitch Drive
Philadelphia PA 19153


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