Saab Sport and Rally Catalog

The Saab Festival is going to celebrate the Saab Sport and Rally days in May-June this year.

I thought some people might like to get another look at one of the original Saab Sport and Rally catalogs, this one from 1978.

1978 must have been such an exciting time to be a Saab owner. Saab were still racing, building on a proud heritage and with the Turbo era just around the corner. It must have been a time filled with so much promise for the future. The chance to look through a factory-backed catalog like this and dream about what you might do to your car would have made for some fun times, indeed.

Saab bowed out of motorsport just at the beginning of the turbo era but that hasn’t stopped people from wanting to heat up their vehicles. It’s a spirit that endures today and will be celebrated at the 2013 Saab Festival. And while it endures, this spirit is probably best displayed by the engineers and gearheads who built those little Saabs to take on the world and their way of sharing that spirit with others at the time – the Saab Sport and Rally catalog.

My thanks to Ted Y for making these files available. Click to enlarge.


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    1. Actually, I do. As you know, the Bathurst 12-hour is on this weekend. Back in the early 1990’s, Saab had a 9000 in that race. A guy I know in Sydney now owns that car and is restoring it back to race spec. I should check in with him and see how it’s going……