Alt Car Logos

If I ruled the world I’d screw with the car industry by making them all swap logotypes with one another. Would it affect years of brand equity if Chevrolet was written with the Ford script? What if staid old Toyotas were badged using the Porsche font?

Just for a bit of fun…… and points to whoever can document the most combinations in comments (there are a few non-car fonts thrown in for fun)




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  1. I quite like the Mercedes-Def Leppard logo… not sure about Citroen getting the Iron Madien treatment though!

    1. I could have done Saab with the Cadillac font, I guess. God knows GM tried hard enough….. 🙂

  2. I like this a lot. This is an old hobby of mine too. 🙂

    What font did you you use for the Volvo logo?

    1. The Volvo logo is a Lexus font. There were several on offer so I just picked the one I thought looked best.

      Good fun.

  3. The Ferrarified Hyundai logo and Volkswagen Romeo logo works quite well! The Chevrolet logo looks very similar to the one used on the SA version of the 70’s Holden Statesman.

    1. The Volksy one isn’t Alfa Romeo, though (the Porsche one is). Try again 🙂

  4. Fun stuff. It made me smile. That may be Ford script, but the Chevrolet logo looks like it should have happened in some decade long ago.

    I never would have guessed the Lamborghini > Audio font, but then I only see a Lamborghini about once a decade.

  5. The Citroen logo is the funniest. Maybe on a “sticker tuned” C3 “Iron Maiden edition”, the kids of those who bought the Golf “Pink Floyd edition” might go for it. Or why not put it on a black Berlingo and it would become even cooler than the Volkswagen Transporter Harley-Davidson edition 😉 Im not sure everyone seen one of these “HD transporters” since i only get a few hits in swedish when i google it. Guess the Germans wanted just a smale scale experiment. The blog looks good now Steven, last time i was here the new theme it self was a bit to attention hungry.