Help Wanted – Changing An Antenna On A Subaru Brumby

I hate not having a decent radio or good reception.

When I bought my Subaru Brumby the antenna was already broken. It still works, sort of. I have to turn the radio up to full volume on the AM band to get something audible. Of course, if I drive the car amongst some buildings the signal drops away very quickly.

Last weekend I bought a new iPod/CD/Stereo thing. I don’t need all that functionality but it was a good brand and it was incredibly cheap. I also bought a new antenna. My mission this weekend is to try and fit them. When I had a look at the antenna setup on the car tonight it made me feel like getting just one of these jobs finished would be an achievement.

The antenna on the Subaru Brumby is located on the front guard, just forward of the door.

Subaru Brumby

The main problem is access. You can’t access that area from inside the engine bay so I’ve got to go from either the door opening or – at worst case – remove the front guard from the car.

Here’s a peek from the door opening:


Not much room, eh?

What you can’t see too well there is that there’s a gold-ish colored tube that is attached to the body of the car and it seems to be a conduit for the antenna cable. So I have to get to that somehow before I can reach whatever’s fastening the antenna to the car.

Here’s a closer look from a slightly different angle.

Subaru Brumby

My gut feeling is that either the front guard or the door are going to have to come off. I’d prefer to take the door off if I have to remove anything. It looks a lot more straightforward than the guard.

Anyone have any experience with doing such things? Any tips you can offer?

We have a female Prime Minister here in Australia and a month or so ago her partner was urging men around the country to get their prostate checked. His advice was to go find a small, Asian female doctor to do the check (small hands). Maybe I need to see if she can double as a fixit person?


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  1. Grab a length of fencing wire, double it up and shove it in there. Its all I did; works well.

  2. Undo the front fender? It should be 2 or 3 bolts, you have one of them on the last picture. Then it should be a few if you open the hood, then a little tlc to the fender and you should be able to get better access?

    1. The fender has five bolts along the top, but the one nearest the windscreen is under the panel that goes across the front of the windscreen. So I’d probably have to take that one off first šŸ™

      I’m going to see if the inner wheel guard comes off first. That might be the easiest way. I have a feeling that the guard (fender) might have to come off, though. Such a big job to change one small part!

  3. fence wire??? How about a metal coat hanger? Hey this is a Brumby not a Ferrari after all!!

    Sorry to be so helpful Swade

  4. I recall that the inner fender just clips in. I’d put it up on jack stands, remove the wheel and the inner fender liner should just pop out. Then you’re good as gold.