Mark Webber Drives The New RenaultSport Clio

The uniform might say Infiniti but make no mistake – Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel drive Formula 1 cars powered by Renault. So while Webber was here in Australia for the Melbourne Grand Prix, Renault tapped him to do all sorts of marketing, especially for their performance arm: RenaultSport. Here, Mark Webber drives the new RenaultSport Clio.

Australia is the second-biggest market for RenaultSport cars so the French producer puts a lot of time into marketing here, especially at Grand Prix time.

The new RenaultSport Clio won’t be available in Australia until early 2014 but the coverage of the car is already whetting appetites here and I’m sure pre-orders will be strong. The Megane has got most of the attention in the last few years, but the Clio RS is a hot hatch performance benchmark. Building an all-new one is a big responsibility and changing it from normally aspirated to turbocharged is a decision fraught with danger, but all the reviews so far have been quite positive.

You can see a fair few of the Clio’s party tricks in this short video. The F1 style paddles on the steering wheel, for one, and the pocket rocket’s super-nimble handling as well. The Clio RS comes equipped with launch control, too, so those who are familiar with Webber’s race-start troubles can insert their own joke…………. now.

Enjoy this sneak peek at RenaultSport’s hot new Clio.


As an aside…..

I remember a Saab owning mate of mine picking up a Clio five-or-so years ago. I was completely unaware of RenaultSport’s work at that time and gave him heaps for buying a car that sounded just like a famous Australian women’s magazine.

How wrong I was 🙂

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