Judge dismisses Spyker’s lawsuit against GM

Sad to see, but can’t say I’m too surprised. A judge has dismissed Spyker’s $3billion lawsuit against General Motors.

From Business Week:

DETROIT (AP) — A federal judge on Monday dismissed a $3 billion lawsuit filed by Dutch car maker Spyker against General Motors Co.

Spyker sued GM last August, accusing it of unfairly blocking a deal to let a Chinese buyer take over Swedish carmaker Saab.

GM sold Saab to Spyker in 2010. Saab filed for bankruptcy protection less than a year later after GM blocked its sale to a Chinese automaker.

GM asked U.S. Judge Gershwin Drain to dismiss the suit, saying it had the right to protect its intellectual property. Spyker argued that the deals didn’t involve GM’s proprietary technology. Drain sided with GM and dismissed the lawsuit.

Spyker said in a statement that it will decide whether to appeal after reviewing the judge’s ruling.

It was always a longshot.

I don’t hate much in this world, but pretty much anything by GM makes that list. The Corvette fares best, registering mere disinterest. Unfortunately, hate doesn’t win lawsuits, especially very arguable ones posed in the defendant’s backyard.

I hope Spyker weren’t banking on this for their future operations. That B6 Venator looks sweet and I hope they get to make it some day. It’s on my if-I-win-lotto list.

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  1. Thoroughly unsurprising indeed. And that has less to do with the suit being reviewed in GM’s backyard than with the actual claims made in the suit, imho.

  2. Another sad end to an already sad story. Not that Spyker had any real chance anyway.

    I hope VM does not spend any more money on an appeal. It surely won’t have any better chance. GM has far more resources than Spyker, and it would just be throwing good money after bad.

    Move ahead with Spyker VM, and put the past behind you.

    GM were never really interested in SAAB, except perhaps in the first year, or so, of ownership. After that, it was allowed to wither into just another GM brand. They lost all of their “SAAB Soul” under GM, and were not very exciting cars. The only exception may have been the Turbo X, but that ended up being a one year only vehicle, then it was back to the blah cars that GM had SAAB build.

    RIP SAAB. 🙁

  3. Sad indeed…:( ..as much as I wanted the lawsuit to go through and Spyker to win, I am still selling GM products. Thanks to Saab they have vastly improved their model lineups on the Chevy side as well as the others.

    Looking towards the future with NEVS to see what they will do but in my mind Saab will never be the same. VM did what he could do with what little resources he had but alas GM had already tainted the brand for new prospective owners putting Saab back into a downward vortex they just could not get out of IMO. I take my proverbial hat off to you VM for the opportunity I had selling Saab under your reign.

  4. The only thing Saab gave GM was a leg up on turbo charging cars. Nearly all the GM vehicles making use of it, rely on Saab-related technology.

    1. Paul,

      The theory I heard was that GM purchased Saab because of their engine management technology. I was cheaper to purchase Saab than it was to develop the same technology in-house.

  5. I’m not sure that the Turbo X was any more exciting than the Viggen? But then the Viggen was conceived when Saab was only 50% GM owned. After GM got total ownership of Saab, things steadily went downhill.

  6. Sorry, that was meant to be a response to Saabdudes’s comment but ended up in the wrong spot.

  7. I am sympathetic to your view, Swade. Absolutely no love for GM here. But it might be better for VM if he cuts his losses and focuses on the future.

  8. No justice indeed! GM’s actions toward Saab have been unforgivable. Ford was in a similar situation with Volvo but somehow enabled Volvo to break away, apparently without any fear of Chinese technology thieves stealing their innovations. Interesting idea, considering that GM mined Saab tech for all it was worth, borrowing far more than turbocharging technology. Cross wheel drive, Saab HUD, TRIONIC, just to name a few. Saab was sometimes the last division to have access to its own developments! Even Cadillacs (AKA uglymobiles) seem to have benefited from this sort of pilfering. The heated and ventilated seats in the new Caddys look like something right out of a 9-5. Sure, GM owned Saab and had a right to “share” this stuff with its other divisions, but they crossed the line when they did everything in their power to bury Saab post-sale. It was spiteful, vindictive and beyond the boundaries of ethical business practice. May you rot in Hell GM.