How to Sell a Saab (by Saab)

While bringing our Saab 9000 Aero back from Sydney, I called in on Bill and Jane P, some friends and Saab owners who live in southern New South Wales. When Bill’s Saab dealer closed a few years ago, Bill ended up as the beneficiary of a whole bunch of Saab promotional and technical material.

Bill showed me through the collection and this brochure, despite its evil-looking title page, stood out as something cute from the period. I thought it’d be fun to share here.

Please excuse the crappy phone-camera photos. I hope the writing is legible.

The images are clickable for enlargement if required (click once to isolate the photo and then click on the expand button in the top-right corner of the isolated image to enlarge to full size).
















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  1. Interesting to see old materials like that. Though most of it is actualy evergreen, I’d speculate that salesmen experience selling Saabs must have changed dramaticaly until 2011 when I was on the market for a new car. Near complete absence of advertising meant that Saab was not on people’s radar, so the majority of the few people comming to dealerships must have been Saab fans.

    In my case and from buyer’s perspective, I can say, that the only real question I needed answered then is whether the price could be haggled sufficiently to fall into my budget. Were it not so, the salesman would have never been able to sell the car. Even a friendly and knowledgable salesman, as was in my case woldn’t be able to outweight the fact, that
    – the nearest dealership was over 120 km away,
    – Saabs on display were hidden in the second floor and invisible to any visitor who wasn’t actively aware that they were there amongst some other brands
    – that there was no car available for test ride that would be comparably speced to what I was looking for in either equipement, engine or body shape.

  2. Yes, that was an unfortunate position for the hyphen on that title page. 🙂

    But otherwise, interesting read.

    1. I was just about to post that it was particularly fortuitous. I know my Saabs have been Demons…in both good and bad ways!