Classics By The Beach – August 2013

Yesterday saw another first Sunday of the month and therefore, another gathering of Classics By The Beach at Sandy Bay, Hobart. As per usual, it was a good mix of cars with a few regulars in attendance and some wonderful new additions.

The undoubted highlight of the gathering was this Ford GT40 replica. It might ‘just’ be a replica, but it had incredible presence and the sound when it fired up wasn’t half bad, either.


I hope the glare off the windows doesn’t stop you getting in impression of just how close that thumping V8 is to the car’s occupants. To quote Cosmo Kramer: there’s nothing between you and me but a thin layer of gaberdine!


This trio of Alfettas looked fantastic all lined up. I was going to suggest that it’d look more Italian if there was a green one there (and a bit more organisation) but the French Blue on that early GTV looked fantastic.


I’m not usually a fan of tan interiors on Alfettas, but the tan interior on that blue car was in superb condition and set the car off perfectly.


There were some great vintage cars in attendance this month. There’s always a few but there seemed to be a few more this time around. The Riley was a stand out.



Rolling in style…..


This Bentley drew many admiring glances, too…..


And finally, sidepipes…..



I do not profess to know anything at all about motorbikes, but assuming the labels are correct, this is a 1935 Harley Davidson. If only all the late-septuagenarians on the road brought as much pleasure.


As an aside, it’s amazing how much cars have changed the way they look between the 1930’s and now. On the other hand, it’s equally amazing how both bikes and planes can be so visually similar to their forebears.

Switching subjects…….

I’ve been researching and writing about Lancia Fulvias for the last month or so. Imagine my surprise when a Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato turned up yesterday!!!


I have to admit I’ haven’t been too interested in the Zagato version of the Fulvia. I’ve seen plenty of them advertised for sale when looking around for a regular Fulvia coupe. They always looked quite bloated in the adverts. They’re much nicer up close, however.

It’s a bit like seeing a Swedish car – they seem a little odd to some but once you see it them the right light (especially if you see them in Sweden), they really make sense.

In person, the Zagato makes sense. I think the front headlamp covers really help it, too.


I still prefer the coupe, but the Zagato was a lot nicer than I figured it would be. The owner’s only had it since January after making a rather silly offer to a guy who needed the money. It’s in outstanding condition, too. You could eat your dinner off the engine bay and the interior’s very tidy as well.


I’ll continue the Italian theme for a few more moments…..

This Fiat 2300 Coupe belongs to a mate from the local Italian Car Club. It was yet another first-time surprise for me and I’m trying to sort out a date when I can see what else he’s got tucked away in his collection.

The glasshouse on this car was amazing (though I’d hate to have to try and replace any of it).


And a final grazia to the owner of this Alfa Spider for his beautiful interior.


Yeah, baby!!!


There were no parking spots available when this uber-rare Renault Sport Clio V6 dropped in. The owner did stop by for a chat, but I wish I’d been able to get a closer look at the car itself.


The final word has to go to this muppet, who figured a classics show was a good time to advertise his 1980’s Toyota for sale. He parked right in front of a few of the classic cars, too, blocking them in. To be fair, I think he was a friend of one of the exhibitors. But park it around the corner next time, please.


The full gallery is below. Click to enlarge……

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    1. And there’s been a $20K price drop in the last 24 hours…….

      Jump on it, Brendan (you know you want to 🙂 )

  1. I was completely ignorant of the Fulvia Zagato until this reading. Me likes. Those rear haunches look very Jensen Interceptor-esque. I also like the headlamp covers. NIce!

    1. I’ve been spending a bit of time looking at what can be done with a Zagato. Slight wheel flares, bumper removal and twin headlamp conversion does wonders for it.

      Those covers are cool (and cars with them look a hell of a lot better than cars without them) but they aren’t cheap. 240Euros a pair when I checked them out this morning. Ay Carumba!

  2. The owner of the 2300S also has (had?) a 3.0 Uracco. Word on the grapevine is a very original Model T might be on its way to is garage too…

    1. I believe it’s still “has” on the Uracco, Alex. Hadn’t heard about the Model T but I don’t have my ear that close to the ground on these things. Last I heard (some time ago – a day that was quite memorable for you, actually) they were passing eyes over a Fiat Dino. I don’t think that went anywhere, however.

  3. Here’s a thought….that little green 911? An everyday car…cachet, looks, value, power….and that sound…