Petrolicious: Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ

Given that my interest in Zagato-bodied cars is rising, the timing of this Petrolicious video couldn’t be better. It features none other than Andrea Zagato, the third generation to run the family business.

He talks about Zagato’s styling and construction principles, as well as taking viewers for a ride in the absolutely beautiful Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ.

Tip – Andrea only speaks Italian, so make sure you hit the little button at the bottom to make the subtitles work.

Enjoy. And thank your favourite deity for Petrolicious and their exquisite videos.

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  1. I’m feeling that dashboard. Could have watched seven minutes just on the knobs and gauges.

  2. Stunning video of a stunning car. I love Petrolicious. I can see, with my biased eye of faith, the DNA of the modern Guiletta in aspects of this car. If not a descendant, a cousin.