Poll Results: Which Car Should I Buy?

Yesterday I asked you opinion on which car I should buy next. There were four options. Here are the poll results, from most popular to least popular.

52% of you think I should buy the hot looking Alfa Junior with the 2-litre transplant.


31% of you think I’m an idiot.


11% of you voted for the blue Fulvia, which needs a full restoration.


6% of you voted for the red Fulvia



I’d like to say I was encouraged by the vote, but it’s pretty clear I’m almost on my own with regard to appreciation for the Fulvia. And maybe I was a little hard on my description of the red one, which is probably my favoured alternative.

I’m unsure as to what will happen here.

The Alfa is almost too nice for me to buy. That won’t make sense to some, but it makes sense to me. I need something I can improve and make my own. That Alfa’s so nice it’s hard to imagine me making a positive difference to it. Plus, it’s a little more than I want to spend up-front on a car (if I can help it).

The red Fulvia seems difficult to get information about and the blue Fulvia simply needs too much work for the price that’s being asked. Plus, whilst I’m still dead keen on getting one, both Fulvia’s do break one of my own automotive maxims (to be discussed later in the week).

Thanks for your participation, even if you think I’m an idiot 🙂 . It’s nice to see that lunacy can be recognised for what it is. I don’t pretend that my automotive decisions make sense to anyone but me.

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  1. Anyone who has owned Italian cars IS an idiot.

    Anyone who has owned British sports cars (MGs, Triumphs, Austin-Healeys, etc.) is also an idiot.

    Anyone who has owned SAABs is showing some signs of hope…but the jury is still out on that one.

    As one who falls into ALL of the above categories…it’s nice to have company.

    Buy what your heart tells you to Steven…you won’t be disappointed…just an idiot. 😉

  2. I neglected to vote as we’re in the middle of an election campaign and my voting instincts are seriously degraded as a result.

  3. I think you had already made up your mind! Oh well, it was an interesting exercise. Still like the Alfa.

    1. Of course, I’ve had a most prominent option all the way through (and it happens to be the least popular option voted for!).

      But yes, an interesting exercise.

      And by no means a fait accompli. The seller of the red Fulvia is still being a bit lazy and difficult to get information from. I’m quite close to leaving the whole idea for another day.

  4. So, what about getting an original but cared for 105, that actually goes, and you do it up over time. Bit by bit. Do up the body one year. Drive it. Do up the suspension the next. Two years later, do the interior. Spread the cost over time. Then you can get it ‘just right’.
    Didn’t think you wanted to do any work on the car though.

    1. That’s definitely an option, Andrew. I don’t want to spend a whole lot up front (i.e. more than $20K) and there are a few decent looking 105s out there for about half of that. I do like the idea of doing something up and making it my own, even if it’s just a little bit. I don’t know much about it, but I’d like to do it.

  5. I ‘lived’ with a mustard colored 1750 GT Junior. My housemate had a GTV the same model you had. But the prize possession was ‘the baby’. Something about the shape and the proportions that grabbed me. It may well be one of the all time classics in the automotive line in the last 50 years. Maybe. But the thing just Drove. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it felt. Underpowered, superb chassis, great lines, cornered like it was on rails. Twin Cam, alloy engined, 5 speed, 4 bucket seats. And it seems to be an appreciating asset. You wouldn’t lose on it.

  6. The Alfa looks very good, but I have a philosophical objection to cars that pretend to be something that they are not (same with people, actually). I would like it much more if it was a good Junior rather than a copy of a “better” model.

    Of course, that goes double for the red Fulvia. Some previous (or current) owner neglected necessary maintenance/upkeep and instead sank money into an ill-conceived HF-inspired plastic surgery disaster. That sort of thing is funny when it happens to a Civic or a Fiero, but it’s quite sad when it happens to a car that was arguably a better overall drive than the HF it is trying to mimic.

    1. I’d remove the HF paraphernalia from the red one, for the same reasons you mention. But I like the stance on it generally.