Saab Accessories 1979

Before I really even knew what a Saab was, it was the off-beat nature of everything Saab-related that drew me in. This accessories catalogue from 1979 is a perfect example. Everyone of its 8 pages has something different, something destined to be retro-cool from that day it was made – even the ‘fashion’ page.

I got this brochure on my recent trip from Sydney to Hobart, when I picked up our 9000 Aero. My thanks to my mate Bill for letting me bring it home.


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  1. I had the sunroof deflector on my first C900. What a great addition. If you didn’t have it and you opened the roof without cracking the windows a bit the inside of the car had a massive “whoop whoop whoop” sound at speed as if a helicopter were landing above you.

    Love the headrest speakers! I’ve never seen those, the headrest pillows, the seat covers (groovy colors) nor the 99 roof rack. Great items.

  2. The sales staff at the dealer just loved to get folks caught up in the moment and then drop off a pre-delivery repair order and ask that we install a lot of “stuff” by the end of day . Then whine when we didn’t have time to do their over promise on time to install properly . Oh the dealer days ” We need this A/C done by end of day you’ve got 2 hours ” A Two hour time frame for a book time of 10 . Never did like flat-rate .

  3. Great old catalogue. Much as I am enjoying my Alfa, I do miss the Saab in some ways. I have to say, the Guilietta is a better car than the 93 was, but there was something about Saab that I do not need to explain to readers here. I wonder if oneday I’ll get myself a hobby 900.

  4. Headrest speakers… awesome! Love those colors as well, before the days of uniformity 🙂