Thursday Snippets (on a Friday) – Frogger!

Greetings from the road!


Saab color samples are often referred to as ‘Frogs’. A lot of people want them and I know why – they’re shaped like little Saabs and they’re quite cool. I have five of them at home. One of them was signed by former Saab design chief Bjorn Envall, but the signature faded thanks to the poor quality marker I got him to use 🙁

I’ve been contacted by a guy named Ivan who has 43 of these ‘frogs’ that he’d like to sell. Click to enlarge.



My guess is that he’d probably prefer to sell them as a whole collection or at least in groups of five or ten. Contact him about buying one or two of them if you wish, but packing and sending them individually would be a major PITA IMHO (tctuofsa*).

You can discuss your options with Ivan by contacting him via email on ivan dot gadzhonov at yahoo dot com

If you can’t figure out that email address then you don’t qualify for frog ownership 😛 (replace the ‘dot’ and ‘at’ with . and @)


My first Fantasy Friday entry on this site covered an original Ferrari 246 Dino that was coming up for auction here in Australia.


The auction was held last weekend and the Dino reached an Australian auction record of $291,000 (we don’t auction many really valuable cars here, obviously).

Congratulations to the new owner. Long live the Dinos.



It’s been quiet around here for a couple of reasons.

First and foremost, I haven’t really had much to write about and I don’t want to create a post with nothing to say. Second, I’ve actually been a bit consumed with politics due mostly to the national election we had here a few weeks ago. The bad guys won, so I’m a little bitter right now and wondering how things are going to go in the next few years (it hasn’t been a good start, let me say).

That doesn’t mean there hasn’t been anything automotive happening……


The nightmarish tale of our 9000 Aero has continued with the transmission blowing up (well, more like fading away) just three days before I was due to begin our long-awaited driving holiday. A replacement tranny is on the way to Hobart.

Thanks to the kindness of some wonderful Saab people, we received a few offers to use vehicles, which will allow this much-needed holiday to become a reality. Our temporary chariot was delivered last night and I’ll write more about it in the coming days.

Saab people are awesome people.

As for the 9000….. the transmission that died was installed in the car by the previous owner shortly before we bought it. I have a feeling it was a crappy one, much like some of the other stuff he put into the car, and it couldn’t take the high levels of boost being put through it. The car has a manual boost control valve and I’ll dial it back before we drive it again.

When you consider that we bought the 9000 Aero specifically with this road trip mind, it makes the experience all the more disappointing. If I ever meet the seller I’m going to kick him in the balls. For now, we’re stuck with it and we’ll have to continue turning it into the car it should be (reliable, for starters).


This road trip is also a bit of a test-driving tour.

I drove this a few days ago – a Porsche 944 S2 with the M030 suspension option fitted. It was epic, though it’s what we’d call a ‘bitsa’ here in Australia – made from bitsa this and bitsa that. Porsche people like their matching numbers, which reduces the value of this car in my eyes, regardless of how well it drives.


An offer has been made and declined. We might talk again, though.

I’m test driving this in a few hours from now – a 1986 Porsche 944 turbo.


On Sunday I’m going to take my cousin’s BMW 2002 for a drive.


There’s another 2002 for sale that I’d like to drive, but the seller seems to be un-contactable at the moment.

There are another couple of 944’s I’m interested in around Sydney, which I hope to drive when we get there. One of them is the white 944 I had inspected a few weeks ago, which I have a feeling is a better car than the inspector made it out to be. We’ll see.


It’s been good to see the NEVS folks begin pre-production in Trollhattan.

I maintain my opinion that we won’t see a vehicle for sale to the public until this time next year, however. And if we see one before then, I maintain my opinion that you’d have to ask serious questions about the thoroughness of testing that’s taken place and therefore, it’s reliability.

Implementing a whole bunch of new non-GM parts along with a new power-plant takes time and there are few ways around that, I’m afraid.


tctuosa – to continue the use of silly acronyms

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  1. unsure about the election but abbott and the bishop in the seminary was quite funny as relayed by the drum, grand final week so not much interest in cars, auto tranny blowing up, serves you right for buying a 4 speed auto….

    1. It a pity Peter Costello left politics. Just think, we could have had Abbott and Costello running the country!