Fantasy Friday (On Tuesday) – Lancia Fulvia HF 1600

Let it be known I have no buyer’s remorse. I love my 968CS and hope to keep it (or a car like it) for a long, long time. That said, I spent a LOT of 2013 looking for a Lancia Fulvia and still have a deep affection for the little Italian. Even my wife loves them!

If this Lancia Fulvia 1600 HF were advertised a few months ago instead of just coming on the market this week, I would have taken a very close look. If it checked out, there’s a distinct possibility I would have bought it.

Listed just yesterday, this Fulvia HF lives in Queensland. The VIN shown on the registration sticker shows it to be the HF Lusso model, therefore fitted with a 115hp 1600cc version of Lancia’s little powerhouse V4 engine. The owner claims it also has the alloy bonnet, doors and bootlid, (which weren’t always fitted to these slightly later cars).

The interior and exterior both look to be in superb condition. Any prospective buyers would have to get underneath to make sure the sub-frame is just as good. The owner says there was a full engine re-build 15 years ago and a carby re-build earlier this year.

If any of you Aussies are as Fulvia-mad as I am but have the spare space and cash, this rare 1600 HF is currently for sale for $29,500. That’s not exactly beer money, but it IS actually a good price for the HF Lusso. I was looking at one online earlier this year, in Belgium, and it was a similar number but with a Euro symbol instead of an Aussie $ sign.








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    1. That’s a really tempting price. I’m certain it’ll only go up in value, pribably spectacularly. This is one of those cars I can imagine looking back on and saying “why the $%#! didn’t I go for it? I’d could sell it for a squillion now!”.

      If I were a single man I’d be getting a loan right now.

    2. I was thinking of you as I put this article together, Dan 🙂

      Yes. If only. And, yes, I think we’ll both regret our inability to check it out further.

      1. Thanks Steven – I’m honoured, mate! I’m still really in the market for a 10-15k S2 1300, but this would be a much smarter buy despite the added cost.

        My wife disagrees with the idea almost entirely, of course. And I have a house to build. Next time. I’m sure there’ll be a next time, won’t there?

        1. You have kids? I’m sure Dan Jr can live out the dream for you 🙂

          Seriously, they obviously come up from time to time. It’s just a matter of being ready. The two examples that I was looking at seem to have both sold (blue for $10K, red last advertised at $18K but would have sold for around $15K) so it’s a matter of having a five-figure level of readiness when opportunity presents.

          I’ll aim for one in around 4 years from now, I reckon. We’re considering some work on the house (to accommodate such a fine car in style) and I have a slightly cheaper Italian project in mind between now and then. 4 years will do nicely.

    1. Niiiiiiice.

      We’re house hunting at the moment so a Fulvia’s on the long term list, but that looks like a nice example.

      The front-end looks different to other ’72 models I’d seen. They tended to have the outermost of the twin lamps on either side raised a bit higher.

      Looks good, though. Very nice.