Did You Order A Saab Online Today?

As I sit here starting to write this post, Saab sales are due to begin online in around 23 minutes (at 2pm Swedish time). For those who don’t know, NEVS are beginning their sales program in Sweden with an online-only sales model.

I’m genuinely interested in whether or not you’ve gone onto the website and ordered one. It’d be nice to know that NEVS are going to get some reward for their efforts. And it’d be nice to hear what you’ve ordered and your motivations for doing so, so early in the cycle. And it’d be interesting to hear your thoughts on the ordering process, being such a new system.

I’m anticipating there’ll be a few die-hard fans placing an order today. It’ll be fun to hear how many have taken the plunge.

If you’ve been online and checked it out, and especially if you’ve placed an order, please feel free to let us know in comments or get in touch via the contact page.

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  1. At this moment I cannot see any link on the NEVs site to take you to where to order/view/buy anything…..

  2. Somehow…the thought of paying SEK279000.00 (USD$42,500.00) for basically a ten year old car isn’t very appealing. Even with free snow tires & wheels.

    And no…they will never become a “collector car”.

    1. That includes 25% VAT so actually about $33,000 USD which is a touch less as I recall for the 2011 Griffin. But no sun-roof and a dark ages radio? What are they thinking? Sounds like when SWAN brought over the initial 9-5s.

  3. Such a deal. A 4 cylinder out of production GM motor in a Saab 93. You can’t believe how many of my non auto enthusiast friends mention that Saab is back in production! then I have to explain…….well not really.

  4. If people in the US keep doing straight price conversions from the stupid prices we pay for cars in Europe I think I’m going to scream lol.
    take any euro list price for any marque and convert it to dollars and you will fall over in shock. The price Nevs have to charge inc taxes here has nothing to do with the bargain prices the US demands.

    1. Americans (and Canadians) are paying a more for their cars than they think. If you compare list prices and transaction prices, you’ll find that they typically pay $6-10k over list. The difference is dealer fees, mandatory options, etc.

      Americans (and Canadians) will tell you with a straight face that they paid $25k for a car when the bill of sale says $30k, not including taxes, or the $5k that they lost on trade-in.

      Something to think about: only 2 of the US top-50 best selling models list over $30k: the 3 Series and Lexus RX. Everything else is cheaper, and that’s before people negotiate their “best price.” In spite if this, the average US transaction price is $31k, pre-tax.
      $31k pre-tax is almost exactly what Swedish customers are paying for the Nevs 9-3.

      1. Bernard, my favorit is the U.S. “starting at” price 🙂
        Didn’t people walk into the delership to buy a 17.990 VW Jetta and drove off on average with vechicle that cost 8 grand more.
        If Nevs ever want to sell by the numbers (even in China) they need to do the same as everyone else or become very good at marketing value.

        1. part of that is possible because very few people in the us pay cash. they lease or buy on a 4 or 5 year loan at low interest rates. so its easy for the dealer to say, and they to justify to themselves, that the upgrades are “only costing them $75 a month.

    2. I’m sure Swade and I, and the rest of the Aussie readership, could compare prices here to prices in the US at length. But different market conditions are what they are. This car would probably be 60k here! It’s futile.

  5. OK kids…so let’s drop ALL the numbers. Doesn’t really matter what the car costs…it’s still a TEN YEAR OLD CAR…with ten year old technology.

    @Bernard…I was a SAAB General Sales Manager for two different SAAB dealerships back in SAAB’s best days (pre-GM)…and NO ONE ever paid “… $6-10k over list.” Ever.

    And by “list”, you have to mean the window sticker (Monroney sticker) price.

    Also, I have personally either purchased, or leased, at least a 15 SAABs after leaving the dealerships as an employee, as well as my current two 2013 Audis (A4 & S5) and a 2010 A5, and have never paid OVER list. I may have paid list, but that was fine.

    1. Saabdude,

      I meant “list,” as in “the price listed on the web site and in all ads,” also known as “starting at” price. You are thinking of “sticker” price, which includes options, freight, PDI. I think you see where the confusion is. No one ever paid 6-10k over sticker in your dealerships, but I will bet that almost all cars stickered for way more than the nationally advertised list price.

  6. TTela reports it too. DI seems to continue to be on Saab’s case… Ten sold according to TTela.

    1. The positive spin on this is that you can at least say that NEVS strategy so far has worked well with DI: As they have provided very little information about their operations, DI has had very little to nitpick…

  7. As an owner of three Saabs (900 SPG; 2 9-5 Aeros), I do not care if the technology is 10 years old as long as it is solid. I think manufacturers are having to make up new reasons to justify higher prices. I prefer a car that is a motor on wheels and not a computer on wheels. I prefer a car designed by individualists and artists and not wind-tunnels. I still love my SPG as if it were brand new. Still get looks because the design is classic. So give me solid, give me classic, don’t bother with giving me new unless it is good and classic too.

  8. I think we need to get a bit of a grip about this car. It’s not the car that is truly relaunching the brand in Sweden, it’s just a stop-gap to get things going and to begin exports to China. The cost, age etc is all really quite irrelevant to the rest of us, because we aren’t going to buy one.

    I agree it might not be the best possible marketing move when relaunching a brand that’s already thought of as selling old second-rate tarted-up GM products, but I’m not sure there was much choice. And, let’s be honest, the ripples on this pond ain’t going far. The EV will be interesting, but the real-deal will be Phoenix-based cars.

    Hopefully this helps get them that far.

  9. So you can once again buy a Saab in Sweden. I think it’s great. Don’t understand all the complaints from people about old technology, etc. Those who will place an order know what they are getting. The car is probably more safe than many new cars from other brands that are for sale in Sweden today. I’m happy with my low-milage 9-3 MY2010, otherwise I would be tempted to buy one because I think the price is reasonable and spec absolutely OK.

    Off-topic, I know, but just saw the news about Holden closing down production in Australia in 2017. No surprise there, I guess. I few weeks ago it was Chevrolet leaving Europe to save Opel. The neverending GM story. Anyone know what they are going to put Holden badges on?

  10. Great to see brand new Saabs on the road in 2014 – even if it’s only in Sweden, and in relatively low numbers. Come on guys – let’s give NEVS some encouragement and allow Saab/NEVS and Trollhattan to prosper again.

    Let us not forget 2 things:
    a) Saabs age gracefully, newer cars have come and gone but they age quickly: the 2002 9-3 does not look like a 11-15 year old design
    b) the tech, Saab took Epsilon and shook it up – the Vectra was poor whereas the 9-3 was vastly superior- guess GM got narked that Saab produce a better product thatn mainstream Opel. As for the engine….old tech, hey everyone does a 2.0 16V turbo now…. Saab were the trendsetters, where others follow.

    New Saab is taking it’s first steps, you wouldn’t kick a baby before it learnt to walk would you?

  11. All the announcements say Holden is leaving Oz. But I bet they will still sell a badged Korean/Thai made box on wheels. The media have been played in a big way on this issue. Devereaux has done his job very well. Well played, son! Enjoy your bonus in 2017.

  12. Subaru Australia had some success with online sales for the BRZ coupe, this then fizzled out when they tried to sell the new[er] WRX in a similar manner…

  13. As an owner of four Saabs over the years I can honestly say both that I’m interested in getting another and that I’d never buy a car from anyone anywhere anytime without seeing or driving it. My last was the 97-x and I settled on that after driving three or four other models. I loved that thing.

  14. I hope the sales will be soon opened to Europe. It would mean that the business is healthy and NEVS confident. And it could make much more customers happy

  15. I really have never been a fan of the 9-3 SS. But I can’t tell you how good it felt to see the words “2014 Saab 9-3”. I thought it was interesting they made mention right under the picture of the “new” 9-3 that their real goal is electric cars. Seemed to distract a little from the occasion. That said I am now an electric car enthusiast and can’t wait to see what they come out with.